VinFast VF 8 Makes Its Debut in North America
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VinFast VF 8 Makes Its Debut in North America

Vinfast VF 8
  • VinFast has made its second shipment of VF 8 models to North America now, with nearly 2,000 vehicles to be delivered.
  • The newest VF 8 has a longer battery range than last year’s model, going up to 264 miles with the Eco trim.
  • The vehicles also come with 10-year warranties on the vehicle and the battery.

VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker, is making waves in the EV market with the announcement of its second shipment of electric vehicles to North America. The VinFast VF 8 has arrived in California and British Columbia. The manufacturer has gotten all of the necessary certifications to sell the VF 8 here, so North American customers can expect to see their deliveries starting this June.

EPA Ranges for the VinFast VF 8

In this shipment, VinFast sent over 1,098 VF 8 vehicles to the U.S. market, with the remaining 781 vehicles destined for Canada. All VF 8 trims have a longer battery range compared to the initial batch imported last year.

The VF 8 has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency with some impressive ranges:

  • 264 miles (425 km) for the Eco trim
  • 243 miles (391 km) for the Plus 300 kW trim
  • 220 miles (354 km) for the Plus 260 kW trim

Pricing for the VinFast VF 8

In the U.S., the pricing for the Eco and Plus models will start at $46,000 and $51,800, respectively. Both lease and loan options will be available. Qualified customers can lease the VF 8 for a minimum term of 36 months or opt for a loan with a minimum term of 60 months. VinFast’s Pioneer customers may also be eligible for additional incentives.

In Canada, the VF 8 Eco starts at CA$53,600, while the Plus 260 kW has a starting price of CA$59,200. Additionally, customers can opt for the power upgrade from 260 kW to 300 kW for an additional CA$1,500 per vehicle.

As for the warranty, the VinFast VF 8 comes with a 10-year/125,000-mile warranty for the vehicle and a 10-year/unlimited mileage warranty for the battery here in the U.S. In Canada, the vehicle warranty is good for 10 years or 200,000 km, while the battery warranty remains the same.

Customers in both countries will also get Mobile Services and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance during the vehicle warranty period.

More About the VinFast VF 8

The VF 8 is not only technologically advanced but also comes with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and VF Online Packages, which can be enhanced through over-the-air updates to improve functionality and the overall customer experience. 

VinFast’s Vice Chairwoman, Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, expressed confidence in the company’s strategy and commitment to global customers. She believes that with their customers’ trust and support, they can accelerate the transition to electrified mobility and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


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