The Alfa Romeo Junior, the Brand's First EV, Released Amid Significant Controversy
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The Alfa Romeo Junior, the Brand’s First EV, Released Amid Significant Controversy

Woman looking at a parked Alfa Romeo Milano
  • The exciting, sporty SUV, the Alfa Romeo Junior (originally called the “Milano”), is available in both hybrid and electric variants.
  • As one of the last original equipment manufacturers in the world to release an EV, the world-famous Alfa Romeo sports car brand released its long-awaited, all-electric vehicle.
  • Significant controversy came with the release, as Italy’s industry minister said the automaker’s decision to produce the vehicle in Poland violated Italian law.

As the world’s transportation sector electrifies at lightning speed, the few automotive brands that don’t have a battery-electric vehicle model yet are planning to release them very soon. The latest example of a brand to release its first EV is the world-famous Alfa Romeo sports car brand.


This week, the Alfa Romeo Junior, an all-electric sporty SUV, was released by Stellantis with a mixture of great excitement and significant controversy. The vehicle was displayed to the international press at a spectacular event, choosing none other than Milan, the historic Italian city that witnessed the birth of this iconic brand. We wrote last year about the possibility of an Alfa Romeo EV coming in 2024, and we’re excited to see that it’s finally a reality.

Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is one of the world’s first and most storied car brands. Alfa Romeo is an Italian luxury car manufacturer, and it is a subsidiary of the multinational automotive manufacturing corporation Stellantis. It was founded in 1910 in Milan, Italy. The brand is well-known for motorsport-oriented vehicles and has been deeply involved in racing since 1911.

The all-new, exciting, Alfa Romeo Junior is available in hybrid and electric, without distinctions in terms of aesthetics or available equipment. Both versions are 100% Alfa Romeo, an amazing blend of tradition and forward-thinking electric power innovation. This all-new Alfa Romeo SUV is making history, offering something completely different from the typical SUV segment, which is primarily sporty versions derived from generalist models.

Controversy Over Producing Alfa Romeo’s All-Electric Junior (née Milano) in Poland, Rather Than Italy

This week, Italy’s industry minister, Adolfo Urso, criticized Stellantis for producing a car originally dubbed the Alfa Romeo Milano in Poland, saying the automaker’s decision violated Italian law by producing the model entirely outside of Italy.


“A car called Milano cannot be produced in Poland. This is forbidden by Italian law,” Adolfo Urso said, referring to legislation that targets “Italian sounding” products that falsely claim to be Italian.

 “This law stipulates that you cannot give indications that mislead consumers. So a car called Milano must be produced in Italy. Otherwise, it gives a misleading indication which is not allowed under Italian law,” Urso continued.

The decision to produce the car in Poland was a cost-cutting measure by Stellantis, but the original “Milano” name was apparently a favorite once Alfa Romeo asked the public’s opinion when selecting the car’s name. It was meant to pay tribute to the city where the brand got its start, and in a recent press release Alfa Romeo stated that it still believes the name met all legal requirements.

But following the stir, the Milano went through a “post-reveal” name change to officially now use the name Junior, “in the spirit of promoting mutual understanding.”

The Alfa Romeo Junior: An Exciting, Sporty SUV Unlike Any Other

Devoted fans of the Giulietta and Mito will appreciate the contemporary reinterpretation of the brand’s typical stylistic features offered by the Alfa Romeo Milano/Junior. The groundbreaking SUV’s design is at its peak under the guidance of the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile in Turin, Italy.

The Junior offers Alfa Romeo’s characteristic driving pleasure, extending a warm welcome to a new generation of Alfisti enthusiasts, crafted by the same team that brought the Giulia GTA to life.


The Innovative Junior Elettrica Variant

A bold foray into electric mobility, the Junior Elettrica variant is equipped with a 54-kWh battery. It is available in two power outputs: the standard model at 156 hp and the top-of-the-range Veloce, delivering an exhilarating 240 hp for maximum driving excitement.

As the lightest vehicle in the premium compact segment, the vehicle’s exceptional aerodynamic efficiency enables its impressive range of over 410 km.

The Performance-Focused Junior Veloce Variant

The exciting, sporty Junior Veloce features a mechanical self-locking differential and a widened wheel track with specific front and rear anti-roll bars. As a stunning beacon of performance engineering, it also includes sports suspension, a high-performance braking system, and 20-inch wheel rims.

The Junior ‘Ibrida’ Variant Decreases Range Anxiety

Recognizing the growing popularity of hybrids, Stellantis included the Junior “Ibrida” as a hybrid variant to allow drivers the cost-savings and eco-friendly benefits of driving electric while including a gas engine for times when EV charging may not be available. It includes the option of a Q4 all-wheel-drive system, incorporating automated rear-wheel drive axle management.

Orders are open for the “Speciale” launch edition, available in both electric and hybrid versions, along with the exclusive “Ready to drive, Anywhere, Anytime” offer.

The Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica variant includes a connected navigation system (EV routing) that gives access to over 600,000 charging stations, the largest charging network in Europe. The exclusive Free2move charge E-Card and a standard wallbox charger are included, providing an unmatched level of support for enabling electric vehicle ownership.



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