Space Campers Unveils Tesla Cybertruck Camper: The Ultimate Adventure Companion!

Space Campers Unveils Tesla Cybertruck Camper: The Ultimate Adventure Companion!

Photo of the Space Campers cutting edge prototype for the Tesla Cybertruck.
  • Space Campers created a cutting-edge prototype camper for the Tesla Cybertruck with air-powered setup, allowing hands-free opening and closing.
  • The Wedge camper features a Murphy-style bed for two and comes with an awning, dimmable LED lighting, and keyless entry integration.
  • Space Campers also introduced The Cap, a durable truck topper matching the Cybertruck’s strength and design. Both products enhance the Cybertruck for outdoor adventures.

The future of outdoor adventure just got a whole lot cooler! California startup, Space Campers, has astounded the world with their groundbreaking prototype camper designed exclusively for the Tesla Cybertruck. Get ready to witness a camper that opens and closes with futuristic air power, setting a new standard for versatility and function.

“We’ve built a prototype from the ground up to put our finger on the pulse of manufacturing. We’re planning to act as fast as possible once the Cybertruck hits the road,” says Space Campers founder and head engineer, Lee Wilkerson.

Innovative Air-Powered Setup

Photo of the Space Campers cutting edge prototype for the Tesla Cybertruck.

While traditional truck campers rely on gas springs for support, Space Campers has ingeniously tapped into the Cybertruck’s onboard air compressor that powers its suspension. With a simple twist of a valve, the camper’s pneumatic cylinders fill with air, allowing you to set up and break down camp effortlessly in just minutes.

Function Meets Aesthetics

Space Campers aims to maintain the Cybertruck’s rugged appeal while providing unparalleled comfort. The Wedge camper, as they call it, boasts a Murphy-style bed that sleeps two and lifts up to offer a generous 8 feet of standing room. It’s like stepping into a cozy and spacious den!

Unbeatable Features:

  • A built-in awning and dimmable LED interior and exterior lighting set the ambiance for a memorable outdoor experience.
  • Integration with the Cybertruck’s tailgate locking mechanism means keyless entry for hassle-free access.
  • Customization options galore with plug-and-play tables, benches, and universal L-tracks for your favorite add-ons.
  • Four 120V outlets ensure all your gadgets stay charged, and easy access routing pathways make installation a breeze.

“We like to think of our camper as hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Since day one, we’ve wanted our design to be as rugged as the truck, with the same sort of comfort and nostalgia you’d get from a classic VW bus,” says Wilkerson.

The Cap: The Perfect Companion

Photo of Space Campers The Cap prototype for the Tesla Cybertruck.

In addition to The Wedge camper, Space Campers is introducing another product called The Cap, a non-hinging truck topper that complements the Cybertruck’s design and durability.

The Big Reveal: Cybertruck Camper at Tesla Takeover Event

The excitement is building! Space Campers will show off their amazing new camper at the Tesla Takeover event in San Luis Obispo on July 29th. This event brings together lots of Tesla owners and electric vehicle fans from North America, and we’re really excited to see how impressed everyone will be!

It’s perfect for outdoor adventures, letting you explore new places, enjoy nature’s beauty, and feel a sense of freedom like never before. You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity! Reserve your spot now and get ready to explore the world in style! Learn more at


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