Porsche EVs Get an Upgrade, Faster Charging, and More Range!
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Porsche EVs Get a Free Upgrade

Porsche Rolling Out Free 2023 Software Update For All Taycan Models

The best thing about EVs is that software can make the better and faster. Now, Porsche is giving away those updates – for free!

The Taycan was the first all-electric Porsche, which came out all the way back in 2019. But that won’t stop the carmaker from letting owners of any age of the Taycan get a free software upgrade. Porsche is going to be rolling out its first software update for all Taycan models, which means that irrespective of the age of the Taycan, it’s going to be included in the 2023 model year update.

The update includes improvements to the powertrain’s efficiency in the “Normal” and “Range” driving modes in all-wheel drive models by disconnecting the front electric motor almost completely, de-energizing the motors when coasting and at a standstill. This reduces frictional drag losses and increases the vehicle’s range. Battery thermal management and in-cabin technology are also enhanced, with updates applicable to the 2020 and 2021 models, while the newest model year cars having already begun to receive the updates.

The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) and Porsche Connect will get new functions. The navigation map on the head-up display and voice control will be optimized, and drivers can now filter and select charging stations within the navigation system based on charging capacity.

The ParkAssist system is also getting an improvement. The sensors will work at a greater range, and smaller parking spaces will be included in the search for available spots. In addition, all Taycan models are now going to be eligible (upon request) for the keyless opening function for the doors and tailgate. 

Best of all? It’s free – so, if you have a Taycan, get in to your nearest Porsche dealer ASAP for the latest and greatest go-fast goodness, while it’s still free!


Porsche Taycan Software Updates




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