Living Vehicle’s Electric RV Creates Water and Powers Itself
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Living Vehicle’s Electric RV Creates Water and Powers Itself

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  • The new Living Vehicle 2024 HD travel trailer can offer extended off-grid living with 72 kWh of energy storage.
  • Floor plans include a mobile office and king-sized bedroom suite.
  • Using water-from-air technology, the HD can create five gallons of water per day.

Living Vehicle is leading the charge when it comes to the all-electric luxury travel trailer segment, thanks to its newest model, the 2024 HD. This impressive trailer stands out with its unmatched off-grid capabilities and abundant solar power, surpassing that of most residential homes.

Renewable Energy and Water Supplies

Whether you enjoy living off the grid or just live in an area that sees extreme weather events, it’s good to have an autonomous shelter that runs off renewable energy. That’s why the luxury Living Vehicle HD series is designed to provide you with shelter, water, and creature comforts without necessarily having to rely on the electrical grid or debatable access to water.

First, let’s talk about energy storage. The flagship HD PRO model boasts 72 kWh of energy storage and 18 kW of power. It can run all of the onboard electrical equipment, including heating and cooling. With wall-to-wall solar capacity of up to 6 kW, the Living Vehicle can operate entirely off-grid. This way, you can enjoy the wild outdoors without needing electrical hookups.

No need to worry about extreme temperatures, either. The Living Vehicle is fully insulated with 100% rigid closed-cell foam insulation, keeping you cool in environments that reach scorching temperatures of 120°F or more. It can even thrive in below-freezing conditions, thanks to the dual-zone 240 V mini-split electric heating system, which can withstand -4°F – a threshold that’s an industry first.

But then there’s the factor of water. Normally when you go camping with your trailer, you still need access to water hookups. Instead, the Living Vehicle employs an innovative water system that extracts humidity from the air, creating an endless water supply while traveling off-grid. It can create five gallons of water per day for you to use.

Living Inside the Living Vehicle

What would it be like to actually live your life inside one of these trailers, though? For one, you’ll have a lot of sleeping options. The 2024 model offers custom-built units with multiple bedroom configurations, accommodating up to eight adults. The flagship Queen or King Suites provide over 150 square feet of storage space and a full-height closet.

You can relax in the zero-gravity lounge while enjoying the 4K Home Theater system and integrated Hi-Fi wireless audio. Professionals and digital nomads will like the Mobile Office, featuring an 80-inch dual workstation and folding bed system. The fully customizable Creative Studio integrates high-end Mac and Apple devices, while the Starlink Flat Satellite dish provides you with a dedicated Wi-Fi network wherever you end up.

“The HD series offers unmatched off-grid live-ability,” states Living Vehicle Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Joanna Hofmann. “Imagine being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and having all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, such as a king bed, spa-style rain shower, and a chef-designed kitchen. All made possible without any connections to utilities. Free from RV parks, and no other campers in sight.”

When Can You Get One?

Living Vehicle is actually already taking orders now for the HD Series on their website. Prices start at $299,995 for the 24-foot LT model that sleeps up to six people, while the even more luxe GT-32 and GT-38 are priced starting in the mid $300s.

About Living Vehicle

In 2017, a group of LEED-accredited professionals and architects who knew a thing or two about sustainable design and high-end home building joined forces to establish Living Vehicle. Their mission? To bring together modern architecture and cutting-edge automotive-grade technology, resulting in the ultimate luxury living experience. 

Their adaptable spaces are ultimately designed for off-grid living, travel, work, and adventure, regardless of the environment or climate. They’re all about creating a completely self-sufficient, net-zero mobile living solution that embraces the values of freedom, wellness, and sustainability.

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