The INNO-F2 Two-Seater Electric Golf Cart Offers a Comfortable Premium Golfing Experience
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The INNO-F2 Two-Seater Electric Golf Cart Offers a Comfortable Premium Golfing Experience

The INNO-F2 Two-Seater Electric Golf Cart offers a comfortable premium golfing experience.
  • The INNO-F2 electric golf cart incorporates advanced electric vehicle technology from INNOMOBILITY LAB.
  • Golfers can choose between the solo ride of the INNO-F1 or the shared journey of the INNO-F2.
  • The introduction of the INNO-F2 offers golf courses operational efficiency, space optimization, and a modern design.

INNO Golf Carts, a division of INNOXONE, has once again disrupted the golf cart industry with the introduction of their latest innovation, the INNO-F2 electric golf cart, at the prestigious PGA Show 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the single-rider INNO-F1, the goal of the INNO-F2 is to establish new standards in golf cart design and performance.


Designed and engineered with the latest electric vehicle technology developed by INNOMOBILITY LAB, a subsidiary of INNODESIGN and INNOXONE, the INNO-F2 electric golf cart represents a culmination of extensive research and development efforts aimed at improving the golfing experience. Young Se Kim, Designer and Founder of INNO Golf Carts, expressed his enthusiasm for the INNO-F2 golf cart, stating, “The launch of the INNO-F2 marks a significant milestone in our journey to transform the golf mobility sector.”

The INNO-F2 offers golfers a choice between the solo experience of the INNO-F1 and the shared ride of the INNO-F2, each thoroughly designed to cater to different preferences while ensuring luxury and performance at the golf course. With its stylish design and advanced technology, the INNO-F2 will attract golf enthusiasts around the globe.

The INNO-F2 features a collection of advanced features, including integrated Bluetooth connectivity, allowing golfers to stay connected with their digital world while on the course. Its intuitive design and compact form factor provide maneuverability and efficiency, suitable for various golfing landscapes.

Additionally, the INNO-F2 will be available in a range of color options, enabling golfers to choose a cart that reflects their personal style. This commitment to customization highlights INNO Golf Cart’s dedication to providing a unique and tailored golfing experience.

Beyond its appeal to individual golfers, the launch of the INNO-F2 electric golf cart also presents a significant opportunity for golf course owners. By adding both the INNO-F1 and INNO-F2 models to their fleets, golf courses can offer modern, sophisticated options that improve the overall golfing experience. This strategic addition is expected to give golf courses a competitive edge by catering to a broader range of golfer preferences.


Young Kim, renowned for his design work on the cauldron and torch for the 2018 Winter Olympics, spoke passionately about the INNO-F1 & F2, highlighting their role in enhancing golfer participation and convenience. He noted, “With their compact and sleek design, they not only add aesthetic value to the golf course but also ensure easy maneuverability and space efficiency for smooth operation.”

The INNO-F1 and INNO-F2 Electric Golf Carts offer a comfortable premium golfing experience.

The INNO-F1 & F2 are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including removable and rechargeable battery packs for remote or onboard charging, mounting brackets, USB ports for smart devices, and stylish front and rear LED lights. Optional features such as comfortable bucket seats with adjustable functions, windshield wipers with spray washers, removable U-V tinted canopies with sunroofs, and safety horns further enhance the golfing experience for players.

For club owners, the INNO-F1 and INNO-F2 offer numerous benefits, including efficient course operations and cost savings by eliminating wasted time, space utilization optimization, reduced maintenance costs due to strong durability, and the ability to provide customers with a memorable experience through stylish and modern design.



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