Hankook Tire is Building an AI Analysis System for EVs
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Hankook Tire is Building an AI Analysis System for EVs

Hankook Tire will soon have an AI system for EVs
  • Hankook Tire is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake to build a cutting-edge data analysis system based on the ChatGPT generative AI platform.
  • Real-time Voice of Customer (VOC) data is collected and analyzed from online sources, offering valuable insights directly from the users. It is applied to all product development, production, and quality management areas.
  • The company is pursuing company-wide digital innovation and tirelessly working on strengthening its partnerships with AI-related institutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and KAIST.

On November 10, 2023, global leading tire company Hankook Tire & Technology (Hankook Tire) announced a significant breakthrough: the development of a Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis system for electric vehicles (EVs) based on the generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform ChatGPT. With the EV market rapidly expanding, this progressive step aims to accelerate technological innovation and reinforce quality competitiveness in the EV tire sector. Hankook Tire plans to capture valuable insights from EV users by integrating AI into this crucial area, which will drive the company’s product development process towards a future of advanced, high-performance EV tires that cater to the unique needs of this burgeoning market sector.

Hankook Tire’s Partnership with AWS and Snowflake

Since the beginning of this year, Hankook Tire has been harnessing the capabilities of prominent data cloud computing entities, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake, to construct a comprehensive Voice of Customer (VOC) data analysis system. This collaboration aims to establish a quality management structure tailored to foster the development and enhancement of top-tier electric vehicle (EV) tire technologies. By integrating the prowess of AWS and Snowflake’s advanced cloud-based systems, Hankook Tire is creating a platform that effectively captures, analyzes, and utilizes customer feedback. This strategy underscores the company’s commitment to driving innovation and quality in the rapidly expanding EV tire market.

Hankook Technoplex

Hankook’s Cutting-Edge VOC System for Enhanced EV Tire Performance

Hankook Tire’s newly established VOC system has drastically improved the reliability of collected data by significantly reducing the impact of the “hallucination” – a term that refers to the information distortion that arises when generative platforms confidently assert incorrect information, currently considered as one of the most significant limitations of generative AI. The company has analyzed a substantial amount of VOC data collected online and in real-time through the integration of AWS’s Bedrock platform. This has facilitated the creation of a monitoring system that enables immediate utilization in the field. This swift, efficient system provides Hankook Tire with invaluable insights, allowing the company to respond promptly to VOC and adapt its products better to suit the evolving needs of the EV market.


By implementing this robust analysis system, Hankook Tire is ready to effectively address the various requirements of EV customers. By amassing detailed insights and applying them all-encompassingly across the complete product life cycle—from development and production to quality management—it aims to deliver superior quality and service. Integrating VOC and performance test data analysis will notably enhance the technology and quality competitiveness of Hankook Tire’s EV-exclusive tire brand, iON. This strategic initiative, therefore, promises to significantly enhance the design, performance, and reliability of iON tires. Ultimately, these improvements will contribute to a satisfying and safe driving experience for EV drivers.

Hankook Tire’s Strategic Approach and Advanced Quality Management

The company envisions that this strategic approach will enhance the quality of its existing product line and catalyze the development of next-generation EV tire technologies that can cope with dynamic, ever-evolving customer needs and market trends in the EV sector. This innovative paradigm of customer-centric product development underscores Hankook Tire’s commitment to maintaining a leading edge in the fiercely competitive EV tire market.

Laboratory in the Hankook Technodome

While developing these new VOC capabilities, Hankook Tire has also completed the construction of an integrated analysis platform. This platform includes a quality early warning system to detect and respond promptly to quality-related issues. Additionally, it features a quality-related monitoring system, “Q-Portal,” that facilitates real-time tracking of quality control processes. Moreover, the platform integrates an “Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)” quality analysis system. OLAP enables multi-dimensional analysis of large-scale quality data, empowering Hankook Tire to conduct comprehensive quality checks and make data-driven decisions efficiently. This integrated platform significantly enhances Hankook Tire’s quality management capabilities and underscores its commitment to delivering top-tier products to its customers.


Driving Digital Excellence: Hankook & Company Group’s Innovative Data-Centric Approach

By leveraging this innovative integrated analysis platform, users gain swift and seamless access to a wealth of data, the application of which can significantly bolster their business operations. As a cloud-based service, high stability is the added advantage, eliminating the need for routine maintenance. This promotes a data-centered work culture, fostering fluidity and efficiency among team members. With access to this sophisticated data network, businesses are poised to unearth profound insights, enhancing their value and driving their growth trajectory.

In their relentless pursuit of digital excellence, Hankook & Company Group, the parent company of Hankook Tire, has further diversified their partnerships, establishing collaborations with prominent AI/big data-specialized institutions and companies such as AWS, Snowflake, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). This strategic move is aimed at infusing a fresh perspective with novel ideas, bringing their operations to the forefront of technological innovation. Their achievements thus far, including the successful execution of 22 digital projects with KAIST, stand as a testament to the power of embracing the digital revolution, solidifying Hankook & Company Group’s position as a thought leader in its industry. By consistently integrating digital innovation in every aspect of their business, the company sets the stage for a future steeped in technological prowess and unparalleled efficiency.



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