Nissan Reveals High-Performance Hyper Force Concept EV
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Nissan Reveals High-Performance Hyper Force Concept EV

Nissan Hyper Force 5 concept cars
  • At the Japan Mobility Show, Nissan unveiled the Hyper Force, the leader of its innovative series of five “hyper” concept vehicles.
  • Nissan envisioned a wide range of future customer needs and lifestyles by displaying the concept vehicles.
  • One EV concept was revealed weekly since October 3rd, leading up to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.

At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. pulled back the curtains on its latest marvel, the Nissan Hyper Force. This unveiling signaled the grand conclusion to its ground-breaking series of five “hyper” concept vehicles. Beginning on October 3rd, Nissan has showcased one EV concept per week leading up to this grand event. These unique and innovative designs are a testament to Nissan’s commitment to catering to various future customer requirements and lifestyles. The series reflects Nissan’s dedication to infusing innovation and thrill into our daily lives.

Nissan president and CEO Makoto Uchida said: “All five concept cars showcased today are symbols of the future and embody our founding spirit of ‘daring to do what others don’t.’ We have advanced our EV innovations, moving beyond mobility to create a more sustainable world. The EVs symbolize our future of creating a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world for everybody without compromising on passions and dreams. Through the power of innovation, Nissan is creating a future where everyone can enjoy the excitement of mobility.”

Hyper Heartbeat

The Nissan Hyper Force is conceptualized with a race car’s precision and a gamer’s heartbeat. Tailored for racing enthusiasts and gaming fanatics who thirst for the thrill of the racecourse, the Hyper Force also addresses the needs of the environmentally conscious. It’s an all-electric, high-performance supercar designed to offer an unrivaled driving experience. With this vehicle, Nissan aims to combine the best of both worlds – the adrenaline surge of high-speed racing and the tranquility of eco-friendly transportation. Furthermore, it does not compromise on comfort for daily use, demonstrating Nissan’s unwavering commitment to blend innovation, excitement, and practicality harmoniously.


At the heart of the Nissan Hyper Force is a high-output all-electric powertrain, supplemented with an optimal-weight-balancing, all-solid-state battery. This remarkable combination can produce an output of up to 1,000 kW, promising swift and precise acceleration. The vehicle also boasts a powerful downforce and an advanced version of Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology, ensuring superior control and stability. The body, made of high-strength carbon, is lightweight, enhancing the vehicle’s cornering abilities and handling, especially on circuits and winding roads. This meticulous attention to performance details underscores Nissan’s commitment to delivering a superior, exhilarating, yet eco-friendly driving experience.

How Sleek is the Nissan Hyper Force?

The exterior design of the Nissan Hyper Force is a testament to the adage that form follows function. Its wide and planted proportions speak of stability and control. At the same time, the blend of sleek curves merging seamlessly with bold, aggressive geometry mirrors the power and performance it holds beneath the hood. Elements drawn from Nissan’s high-performance legacy are evident in the design, especially in the distinctive front and rear lamps. The body lines and form are not merely aesthetic choices; they enhance aerodynamics, allowing optimal speed and efficiency. This harmonious integration of design and performance demonstrates Nissan’s commitment to creating vehicles that are as visually captivating as they are technologically advanced.

The exterior of the Nissan Hyper Force achieves high aerodynamic performance, a feature developed in collaboration with the NISMO racing team, which generates a powerful downforce. Utilizing a two-tiered aerodynamic structure under the front hood facilitates robust downforce and superior cooling performance. Furthermore, the dual-level rear diffuser strategically manages airflow. The front canards, front fender flip, and both ends of the rear wing incorporate unique active aero functionality. A newly developed plasma actuator has been added to suppress air detachment, maximizing grip and minimizing inner-wheel lift during cornering. The lightweight forged carbon wheels not only contribute to the aerodynamics but also promote efficient brake cooling. This commitment to aerodynamic efficiency exhibits Nissan’s dedication to providing a vehicle that performs at its peak while maintaining an eco-friendly profile.

The Concept’s Two Versions

The Nissan Hyper Force concept features two distinct driving modes, “R” (Racing) and “GT” (Grand Touring), catering to the varying driving preferences and conditions. Switching between these modes transforms the graphical user interface, altering the color scheme and displayed information. This dynamic interface, designed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc., ensures that the most pertinent data is readily accessible to the driver, corresponding to their driving mode and circumstance.

In “R” mode, the cabin is bathed in a stimulating red illumination, encapsulating an environment conducive to focused driving. Dashboard panels extend into the seating area, further amplifying the cockpit feel and encapsulating the driver in a realm of performance and precision. In this mode, the driver is surrounded by a constellation of four satellite screens situated strategically around the steering wheel. These screens serve as valuable nerve centers of information, providing real-time statistics on various vehicle parameters. Among the data relayed are the tire grip and temperature, air pressure, brake rotor temperature, and power distribution. These critical metrics equip the driver with indispensable insights for high-performance racing, epitomizing Nissan’s commitment to delivering an immersive and data-driven driving experience.


In “GT” mode, the cabin transforms into a blue illumination. The satellite screens that once encased the steering wheel recede and consolidate into a singular, streamlined interface. This simpler yet sophisticated infotainment system places convenience at the driver’s fingertips, offering controls for air conditioning, audio, and adjustments to the suspension and stabilizer settings. The ethos of GT mode is comfort and ease. Nissan’s engineers have achieved world-firsts in designing the suspension and stabilizers, which can be tuned effortlessly on-screen while in motion. This feature showcases the brand’s innovative spirit and unwavering dedication to creating a driving experience that melds performance with relaxation.

The driver and front passenger seats in the Nissan GT are crafted from lightweight yet highly rigid carbon fiber, embodying the perfect marriage of comfort and performance. This thoughtful selection of material reduces the overall vehicle weight, enhances efficiency and speed, and ensures durability and resilience. The seats are designed to accommodate the contours of the human body, providing optimal support and reducing fatigue during long-distance journeys. The seats are equipped with four-point seat belts to further ensure passenger safety. These harnesses, more common in race cars than everyday vehicles, offer superior protection by spreading out the energy of a collision across a larger area of the body. This design minimizes the risk of injury, ensuring that both driver and passenger can enjoy the exhilarating ride with peace of mind.

Nissan Spotlights Safety Through Technology

Safety remains a paramount concern in the design of this concept car. With advanced autonomous drive, hyper LIDAR, and an array of finely tuned sensors designed for sports driving, the vehicle is engineered to maintain a high level of safety, irrespective of whether it’s on public roads or a racing circuit. These technologies work in tandem, creating a protective shield around the vehicle, identifying potential hazards, and responding proactively to prevent accidents. Hyper LIDAR technology, in particular, facilitates precise mapping of the surroundings in real-time, enabling the car to anticipate and adapt to changing road conditions swiftly.

Elevating the Nissan Hyper Force’s appeal is an innovative augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experience that seamlessly bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds. When the vehicle is stationary, the driver can don a special helmet equipped with blind visors for VR. This allows them to enter a gamified driving experience with modes that let them race against the clock or compete against online racers. In contrast, skeleton visors for AR enable the driver to compete against their digital ghosts, friends, or even the digital avatars of professional drivers on a circuit. This inventive feature lets users safely push their driving skills to the limit on real-world tracks, fostering a unique blend of excitement and improvement.

Nissan’s vision for a next-generation all-electric high-performance supercar is embodied in the Hyper Force. Its astounding performance capabilities and futuristic technology are designed with an unwavering commitment to the environment, making it a ground-breaking synthesis of speed and sustainability.

Nissan displayed five concept models at the Japan Mobility Show

The Nissan Hyper Force joined a bevy of other innovative and noteworthy Nissan vehicles on display at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. This year was particularly significant as it marked Nissan’s 90th anniversary. From humble beginnings to pioneers in cutting-edge automotive technology, Nissan’s 90-year journey is a testament to its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. These celebrations provide a chance to look back at past achievements and showcase the daring spirit of innovation that continues to drive Nissan forward into the future.



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