Reborn DeLorean May Build the Alpha 2 Concept Car

DeLorean May Build the Alpha 2

DeLorean’s New Alpha2 Concept Is So Popular It Might Actually Get Built

The backwards-looking concept has proven to be so popular that DeLorean may actually end up building the sporty coupe!

Originally developed as one of four “art projects” intended to tie the new electric DeLorean Alpha 5 design language back to the iconic, Bertone-penned, Italdesign original made famous by the Back to the Future movie franchise, the Alpha 2 was destined to remain a CGI rendering … until the entire internet lost its mind and started waving blank checks at DeLorean CEO, Joost de Vries.

“You’d be surprised,” de Vries told Top Gear earlier this week. “We had so many requests for (the Alpha2) to be made, so we’ll probably do a very small run.”

A quick look at the official concept renderings (below), and you might be convinced to put your name on a reservation. The DeLorean Alpha 2 has more than a little Corvette in it, to our eyes– and maybe a little Iso Rivolta or Iso Grifo 90, too. Which, to be fair, were also Corvette-based.


DeLorean Alpha 2 Rendering


“The Alpha 2 was born out of a DeLorean project called the DMC 24 that was never in production,” explains de Vries. “It’s purely a reinterpretation. We went to Italdesign with every concept car of that decade, all the pop culture, old art, all the details around it. We built a design studio in Italy of the Nineties, and we told Italdesign to design a car of the Nineties with all the effects and tools of the Nineties. a Barchetta, an open-top coupe, V8-powered, and it was the logical evolution to the DMC 12 … blue papers with white lines, I mean we really went back to the tools of that era, (and) it’s awesome … and it’s just been so incredible to work with Italdesign on that.”

You can see some of those pencil sketches, below, then let us know what you think of the new Alpha 2’s chances for production in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


DeLorean DMC 24 Concept Sketches




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