We Kicked Off the 2022 Tour Season at Industry Day Long Beach!
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Industry Day Long Beach Recap

That’s a wrap! Industry Day kicked off the 2022 tour season for Electrify Expo and Electrify News— and what a day it was!

The Industry Day event featured a number of heavy-hitters from the e-mobility space, including brands you already know and love, some new ones that are making waves, and even some old friends from childhood you might not have expected to see again. It was all that and more— and we’ve got some highlights for you right here!


Where have you been all week?

Image courtesy Electrify Expo.

Where have we been all week? Right in the middle of the action as our own Jo Borrás and EVAdoption‘s Loren McDonald took to the main stage for the opening “State of the Industry” address that looked at when EVs would cross into the mainstream for real— as well as where, and precisely why.

We also covered topics like EV price parity, the booming e-bike business, and more!


Back to the Future

Image courtesy Electrify Expo.

Our friend Joost De Vries, EV industry veteran and CEO of the reborn DeLorean Motor Cars, was on hand with Ed Kim to talk us through the design choices that led up to the all-new electric DeLorean sportscar, including the execution of a design philosophy that took us from the original 80s icon and into the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s— all the way up to the incredible, 0-88 mph in 4.35 seconds 2023 Alpha V!


Bosch Has it Covered

Image courtesy Electrify Expo.

Bosch VP & General Manager for the Americas, Claudia Wasko, joined EV influencer Bisi Ezerioha and others on stage to discuss some of the ways e-mobility is reinventing sports and lifestyles across the world. Bosch, of course, has a unique role in that conversation, since its electronics and intelligent, connected solutions are ubiquitous in the automotive space, and making significant inroads into e-bikes, smart infrastructure, and consumer wearables as well.

In the not-too-distant future, a self-driving car making a left turn will be alerted by a traffic light at an intersection that an e-bike is coming up the bike lane behind a car the driver can’t see, and help keep everyone safe— and companies like Bosch are making it happen!


Getting it Done in 15 Minutes


Over in the Industry Day Mobility Breakout, Joseph Constanty, the Director of Global Strategy for two-wheeled giant NIU Technologies spoke to Brain+Trust CEO Tim Hayden about the future of the 15 minute city, and how the data being gathered by NIU’s millions of connected two-wheelers is helping make that sociologist’s daydream into a practical and sustainable reality.


Leading the Charge

Image courtesy Electrify Expo.

Over in the Automotive Breakout, Loren McDonald led a conversation about the challenges and triumphs of the EV charging industry, with experts from Charge Enterprises, Volta Charging, Pritchard EV, Edge Energy, and Universal Green Group joining our good friend, Jason Cortes, to help drive the industry forward.


Climb the Mountain

Image courtesy Electrify Expo.

GoTrax has established itself as a leader in micro mobility marketing, and GoTrax’ founder, Jeff Lawrence, took some time to talk through some of the tips and tricks that’s helped his company become one the top-selling (if not the top-selling) e-scooter brand on Amazon.

When we asked Jeff why he was so willing to help a room full of people who were essentially his competitors, he answered philosophically. “Getting more people that are out there riding scooters is good for everybody,” he said, before adding, “besides, they still have to do the work. I can point to a mountain and say, ‘This is how you climb it,’ but they still have to climb it.”

Gotta love that attitude!


And So, SO Much More!

Look, it would be impossible for us to talk to you about everything that happened at Industry Day— it was a great event, with nearly a thousand industry insiders and thought leaders on hand from brands big and small. Worse, we were intimately involved in the content and execution of the event, making it doubly difficult to adequately cover the day’s proceedings.

So, how will you know what you missed? Check out Electrify TV for more “snackable” and long-form content, listen to the Electrify News on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite Podcast app, and make plans to visit the next Electrify Expo Industry Day at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX this fall.

Get your tickets here, and let us know what your favorite panel was, in the comments!





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