Changsha, China, Is Poised To Be a City of the Future
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Changsha, China, Is Poised To Be a City of the Future

Changsha skyline
  • Earlier this month, a Chinese battery electric semi truck traveled for over 15 hours across 497 miles, breaking a world record.
  • The truck started its journey in Changsha, a major hub for high-end manufacturing and emerging technologies.
  • Changsha is looking to be a “city of the future” for China and its role in growing tech.

In a thrilling display of electrified endurance, the Sany Mota 1165 Battery Electric Semi-Truck has smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest travel distance on a single charge. On June 6, this electric truck completed the arduous highway journey from Changsha to Shenzhen, spanning over 800 kilometers (497 miles), in a grueling challenge that lasted more than 15 hours. This feat showcases the prowess of Changsha as a hub for electrified industries.

About the Sany Mota 1165

Changsha Sany electric semi-truck

Behind this major accomplishment lies the fusion of cutting-edge technologies developed in Central China. The Sany Mota 1165 boasts a whopping seven global industry-first technologies and over 20 patented technologies. With these innovations, the electric semi truck successfully pushed the boundaries of what was previously deemed possible, solidifying its place in the record books.

Changsha: A City of the Future

Xiang Gao

Changsha, known for its commitment to high-end manufacturing, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Leading companies like Sany, Broad Group, and Xiangjiang Intelligent have catapulted the city to the forefront of manufacturing for new technologies. By prioritizing key manufacturing industrial chains and fostering innovation, Changsha aims to cultivate new development advantages and stimulate growth in various sectors. 

In its pursuit of fostering emerging industries, Changsha is actively working to merge the digital economy with the real economy. The city has become a magnet for “vehicle-road-cloud-network-map” enterprises, with the Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center serving as a hub for collaboration. Here, companies such as CiDi, Baidu, and Tus Cloud Control converge to drive the deployment of smart transportation technologies like smart taxis, smart heavy trucks, and smart logistics systems.

Because of the city’s dedication to technological advancements, Changsha is becoming known as central to the future of Chinese innovation. It is a hub for technologies like 5G, IoT, cloud computing and AI, and it’s looking to lead the charge in how central China moves forward.


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