Aehra SUV Elevates the Drive-in Experience


Aehra SUV Elevates the Drive-in

Italy's Aehra SUV Will Set The New Standard For Car Interiors

EV motors and batteries present new challenges to car designers – and new opportunities. Startup Aehra plans to make the most of them!

Based on a relatively compact, 118″ wheelbase (about 8″ shorter than a Mercedes-Benz EQS), the Aehra is all about the driver’s lifestyle. And that’s not just their lifestyle away from the office – the Aehra wants to be a part of everything you do.

“From the outset, the Aehra SUV, and the Saloon that we will unveil early next year, were designed as true products of the digital age to reflect and accommodate our customers’ modern and busy lifestyles,” said Aehra Chief Design Officer Fillippo Perini. “With the screen fully extended, the occupants can relax and enjoy a movie, perhaps when the car is charging or when a parent is waiting to pick up a child from school or a party.”

The centerpiece of the car’s futuristic interior is the full-width, Human Machine Interface (HMI) system. When driving, the screen slides down, opening the view ahead in a way that’s designed to be less distracting for the driver while still displaying critical vehicle information. The outer areas of the screen display views from outboard cameras, replacing the more conventional side mirrors and further reducing aerodynamic drag.

When it’s not on the move – while charging or parked – the Aehra’s screen slides upwards to create a home theatre or office space. The transformation is impressive.


Screen Down vs. Screen Up


The Italian company is still entirely self-funded, and claims to be packing 400 HP worth of electric motors drawing juice from a massive, 120 kWh battery pack. That’s beg enough to power a speedboat – and we know, since 120 kWh is just about the size of the battery in the Ingenity 23e we had a chance to sample at the Electrify Expo in Miami!

You can take a look at more pictures of this stunning Italian concept car, below, then let us know what you think of this big-screen bruiser in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



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