Tesla Halts European Deliveries as Losses, Delays Mount
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Tesla Halts German Deliveries

Musk called Tesla factories in Germany and China “gigantic money furnaces” as losses mount and production delays continue.

Some Tesla enthusiasts in Europe were disappointed when the company chose to halt deliveries of the German Model Y Performance last week, with reservation holders being told conflicting reasons for the delay.

While some were reportedly told that the problem lies in the cars’ electric drive motors in some vehicles, others seem to have been told that the problem was a “security-related defect.” One that they said could not be fixed through an OTA software update.


Who is Affected

Image courtesy Tesla.

Tesla has rescheduled most of the canceled Model Y Performance deliveries for mid-July. Allegedly, this only impacts the MYPs coming out of Gigafactory Berlin. However, one user took to Twitter to announce that their Model Y Long Range has been pushed from September/October to November/December, so there might be more issues in the LR coming from the Chinese plant, too.

Of course, if it truly is a hardware issue, then it will take Tesla time to find the solution and then produce/replace the faulty parts. There’s no OTA software update for that type of malfunction, and an issue issue like that will most likely impact the entire ramp-up at Gigafactory Berlin as they work to solve the problem.

Earlier this June, Tesla had confirmed that Gigafactory Berlin had produced 1,000 vehicles in a week, but now with delayed deliveries and malfunctioning parts, the factory will have a tough time getting back to those numbers.

Will these continued delivery delays and software issues continue to plague Tesla? Are customers starting to lose confidence in the brand’s promises? Scroll on down to the comments and let us know what you think it would take for the brand’s fans to start second-guessing their reservations in the comments.





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