Rivian to Receive $827M in Illinois State Funding to Expand Local Facility
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Rivian to Receive $827M in Illinois State Funding to Expand Local Facility

Rivian R2 parked in a forest
  • Rivian will use the Illinois funding to provide job training, improve the plant’s infrastructure, and update the plant itself. 
  • The automaker will produce the new Rivian R2 midsize SUV EV at the Normal plant. 
  • Since the brand’s first EV rolled off the production floor in 2021, Rivian has added more than $3.9 billion to the local economy. 

Since Rivian began manufacturing in 2021, the automaker has built over 100,000 innovative electric vehicles. Thanks to the automaker’s impact on the environment and the economy, the State of Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity has rewarded Rivian with an $827 million incentive package. 


How Rivian Will Use the Financial Funding

The incentives will help expand the Rivian Normal, Illinois, plant. Rivian will also use the money to improve the plant’s infrastructure and build job-training programs. The financial incentives will help Rivian add to its lineup with the midsized Rivian R2.

As a thank-you for the funding, Rivian will invest in city improvements as it betters the lives of the people who work in the plant and live in and around Normal, Illinois.

RJ Scaringe, Founder and CEO of Rivian, said, “The support from the state will allow us to quickly bring our midsize SUV, R2, to market and provide even greater consumer choice for EVs. Governor Pritzker has always been a strong advocate for providing economic opportunities for Illinois residents and business owners alike. We look forward to continuing our close partnership and building upon the success we have enjoyed.”

Governor JB Pritzker shared his thoughts about Rivian: “I want to thank our partners at Rivian, who have doubled down on their investment in Illinois. Together, we’re taking a tremendous step forward — for our electric vehicle ecosystem, for our economy, and for our state. Each and every dollar invested in this market is a win for the working people of Illinois and brings us a step closer to meeting our ambitious climate goals.”

Updating the Favorites and the Producing the New Models

In March, Rivian announced new models, including the midsize Rivian R2. The vehicle will seat five and deliver the performance and capability that Rivian drivers have come to expect. This small, affordable electric SUV is expected to bring more EV drivers into the fold, especially as Rivian drivers will be able to use the NACS charging network as well as the Rivian Charging Network.

The factory in Normal, Illinois, will produce the R2 along with the R1S, R1T, and commercial delivery vehicles. Rivian is giving the R1S and R1T updates for the 2025 model years.

Since the first Rivian EVs rolled off the factory floor in 2021, Rivian has invested more than $2 billion in Normal. After three years of production, Rivian has added more than $3.9 billion in value to the Normal economy, bringing new jobs and increased development.



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