Electrify America: EV Charging Up 500% in '21

Electrify America: EV Charging Up 500% in ’21

Electrify America Registered nearly 1.5 million customer EV charging sessions in 2021— that’s more than five times as many as 2020!

Electrify America says it provided over 1.45 million EV charging sessions in 2021, compared to just 268,000 in 2020. Those sessions added up to 41.4 gigawatt-hours of energy— which is the equivalent to some 5.7 million gallons of gas and 145 million miles of driving. (!)

The company says the growth serves to highlight the rapid deployment of its innovative, “rest stop” style charging stations across the US, and believes that continued growth justifies even more expansion.


Electrify America 2021, by the Numbers


“The combination of our rapidly expanding charging network, plus the growth and availability of all-new electric vehicles, is accelerating the transition to e-mobility,” said Robert Barrosa, senior director of Business Development & Marketing of Electric America. “Electrify America is working with automotive manufacturers to smooth the transition from gas to electric by offering integrated access on the Electrify America network. We are seeing this positively impact vehicle adoption as first quarter battery electric vehicle sales reached a record 5.2% market share of new vehicle sales in the US.”

It’s worth noting that electric car sales were just 1.9% of the total market the year before (depending on who you believe), and that the overall new car market that’s down more than 23%— with some carmakers faring far worse than that.

To see the electric segment more than double while the market shrinks? That’s incredible, to some— but Barrosa sees it as a matter of course, adding that, “more and more commuters are discovering the benefits of electric vehicle transportation as seen in the remarkable growth of charging sessions at our stations.”

Electrify America expects to have more than 1,800 total charging stations— with over 10,000 individual chargers— in operation in the US and Canada by 2026.



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