Artemis E-foils Put the Concept to Work
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E-foils Get to Work

Artemis Technologies unveils first look at electric foiling workboat

The Artemis E-foiler is a high-tech, low-drag speedster that’s putting the electric foil concept to work in Belfast!

The Artemis project is a spinoff of the Artemis Racing team, which was founded in 2018 by Olympian and America’s Cup veteran, Dr. Iain Percy OBE and headed by Artemis Technologies COO, Prof. Mark Gillan. And, for their parts, they seem hugely excited by the foil’s prospects.

“The Artemis eFoilerTM is a truly transformative innovation that will help commercial operators across the world dramatically reduce their carbon emissions,” explains Prof. Gillan. “The electric propulsion system provides significant range at high-speed, whilst also reducing operational costs through substantial fuel savings … The demonstrator will not only prove the concept, but provide an immediate zero emission propulsion solution for the workboat market.”

“Combining our experience from the worlds of high-performance sailing, motorsports and advanced manufacturing, the electric propulsion system that we’ve designed and developed is an absolute game changer for the industry in terms of range, costs savings and minimal wake created,” adds Dr. Percy. The company reckons that operators can look forward to up to 90 percent savings in energy costs compared to combustion-engine workboats.


Dr. Iain Percy OBE

Dr. Iain Percy OBE, courtesy Artemis Technologies.

Artemis made the announcement following sea trials of an 11.5-m (38-ish ft.) prototype workboat named “Pioneer of Belfast”. That boat (shown at top) uses an advanced “eFoiler” propulsion system that lifts the boat out of the water using twin T-foils. It’s good for a top speed of 34 knots (39 mph), and can manage 60 nautical miles at a 25-knot (28 mph) cruise. Thrusters at the bow and stern of the boat allow for precise maneuverability and quick turnarounds, while the company says its battery pack can be recharged in less than an hour.

You can see the Artemis Pioneer E-foil at work in this video, below, then let us know what you think of the high-speed concept in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Pioneer Foiling Montage in Belfast




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