Con Edison Shares Its Progress Toward Climate Goals in NY
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Con Edison Shares Its Progress Toward Climate Goals in NY

Con Edison Building in NY
  • Con Edison, the power company that serves New York City, released its annual Sustainability Report earlier this spring.
  • The company outlined how it has been moving toward using more renewable resources for power, including electric heat pumps and clean heat technologies.
  • Thousands of chargepoints for EVs have been created.

Con Edison is the leading energy provider for New York City and Westchester County. In its annual Sustainability Report, the company highlighted its progress in helping New York meet its climate and clean energy goals. It has been investing in clean energy technologies, transmission lines, EV charging infrastructure, heat pumps, and battery storage.

Con Edison

How Con Edison Is Using Renewable Power

Last year, the power company started building the Reliable Clean City project, which was a major transmission upgrade. The first portion of the project – located in Queens – is set to be completed later this year. After that, Brooklyn and Staten Island will be the next sections, set for completion in 2025. This upgrade will deliver large amounts of power to the outer boroughs while helping enable the retirement of fossil fuel plants in areas that have historically been victims of environmental injustice.

Con Edison has sold its renewable energy development subsidiary to intensify its focus on New York, where its investments have the greatest impact. The company also supports New York’s transition away from fossil fuel heaters by incentivizing the installation of electric heat pumps and clean heat technologies in buildings.

Con Edison

Focus on EVs

Electric vehicles can play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Con Edison’s PowerReady program supports the growth of EV charging infrastructure, already providing over 2,600 chargepoints and aiming for 19,000 by 2025 and 400,000 by 2035. 

In addition, smart meters installed by them allow customers to track energy usage in real-time and improve system efficiency while reducing the impact of any service outages.

New York has a stated goal of a net-zero statewide economy by 2040, and Con Edison is working to be part of that movement forward. According to its own Sustainability Report, the company has already reduced its own carbon footprint by 50% since 2005, so they’re already making some significant strides.


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