Alpha Motor Convinces the Gov't That it's for REALLY Real

Alpha Motor Convinces the Gov’t

Alpha Motor Corp. Wolf Electric Truck

EV startup brand Alpha. has been accused of being “vaporware,” but they’ve managed to convince the US gov’t that their tech is very real.

The company is best known for its computer-generated renderings of EVs, instead of building actual electric cars you can drive. That said, its designs have proven popular enough to generate pre-orders, hype, and seemingly plenty of investors pushing to make the brand’s promised EVs a rolling reality. As such, the announcement that the US Patent Office sees something worth patenting in their proposed “universal” electric skateboard could be seen as a big step towards proving the critics — who have called the brand’s renderings “vaporware” in the past — that they’re for real.

You can check out the official company press release, below, then let us know what you think of Alpha’s future prospects in the comments.

Alpha Motor Corporation Receives US Patent for Electric Vehicle System

Alpha Motor Corporation (Alpha) announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued US Patent No. 11505265 Multipurpose Vehicle System further strengthening Alpha’s intellectual property position for electric vehicle development.

“We are proud to receive recognition by the USPTO for our technology which further differentiates Alpha. Alpha’s unique design, methods, and processes help to streamline development for our EVs. We are committed to Move Humanity through our mobility solutions,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

The USPTO utility patent issued to Alpha relates to a Multipurpose Vehicle System with Interchangeable Operational Components and Power Supplies.

Alpha Motor Corp. EV Platform

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Alpha’s vehicle system is structured with a chassis that is dimensionally adjustable and has the capacity to produce different iterations of vehicles. Components within the chassis are interchangeable with new counterparts while used components are recyclable.

Key differentiators of Alpha’s technology include Multipurpose Vehicle System, Modular Construction, Adjustable Chassis, Interchangeable Power Supplies, Interchangeable Components, Multifunctional Vehicle Configurations, and Component Recyclability.

Alpha WOLF Electric Pickup


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