Aura Ranger Can Fly Halfway Around the World


Aura Ranger Can Fly Halfway Around the World

Aura Aerospace Ranger

Aura Aerospace has unveiled a concept for an eVTOL that could fly some very rich mofos across 11,185 miles in one go — for comparison, a typical Airbus A380 flies a maximum of about 9,200 miles.

The Ranger, as it’s called, would fold up on a helipad in a way that definitely looks like a TIE Fighter while its passengers would load in to the five available seats. Then it would vertically take off with its coaxial octacopter system and unfold the wings to their full 75-foot length. Forward thrust would be provided by a pair of turbofan jet engines.

In flight, the Ranger would be able to cruise at up to 510 mph (Mach 0.66), which would be a little slower than most large airliners because it would be flying at only 10,000 feet (and the thicker air at that elevation) instead of 30,000 feet.

Do the ultra-rich need another type of business jet? Maybe. Will they want to pay for a trip in said business jet that flies in Darth Vader style? Probably. Will this concept actually come to fruition? The idea probably needs a lot of work before it ever goes into production … like where the door is to even let the passengers in.



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