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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
Goodyear introduces the new ElectricDrive 2 tire, made with 50% sustainable materials, which enhances EV performance and range.
Tesla Cybertruck accessories include a spare tire, tent, tailgate ramp, sunshade, storage bins, and more for outdoor adventures, as well as organization.
Yokohama Tire debuts its inaugural all-season ultra-high-performance tire, custom-crafted for electric vehicles – meet the ADVAN Sport EV A/S.
Toyo Tires introduces the Open Country A/T III EV, an EV all-terrain tire replacement, offering greater range efficiency.
Hankook Tire won the top spots in a wide variety of independent safety, winter, and all-season tire tests.
Hankook Tire is collaborating with AWS and Snowflake, building a data analysis system for EVs based on the ChatGPT generative AI platform.
Six Bridgestone plants in Japan have transitioned to using renewable energy sources, while the company works toward reducing its CO2 emissions in half by 2030.
Bridgestone’s Turanza EV Tire is an innovative breakthrough! Enhancing EV driving with peak performance, sustainability, and reduced environmental impact.
Goodyear has announced plans to bring a new tire to market that’s made with up to 90% sustainable and recyclable materials.
One thing you might not have thought about is how your tires matter when you’re driving an EV. Sure, you still have to think about factors like traction and tread wear, but EVs have special needs when it comes to the rubber they’re riding on.



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