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Sen. John Barrasso introduced “The Eliminating Lavish Incentives to Electric (ELITE) Vehicles Act” to remove the EV tax credit and other EV incentives.
Many states and local governments offer an e-bike subsidy to get more people on electric bicycles. It’s often an e-bike tax credit or rebate.
The anti-EV narrative often includes dialogue against climate change and lobbying against adding EV infrastructure to support Big Oil.
When major media outlets use misleading headlines, they attract readers but hide the facts about the Biden policy proposal about emissions and the electric vehicle forecast for 2030.
Since the Prius arrived in 2007, EV politics have been pretty fraught. It could take the EV pickup to end the divide.
A group of over 4,700 auto dealerships aims to stop the upcoming EPA tailpipe emissions regulation, sending a second letter to President Biden in January 2024.
Understand China EV market leadership and the issues Chinese EVs face when trying to enter the American market, including tariffs and political tensions.
Volkswagen will invest $7 billion investment in Ontario to establish its first overseas electric vehicle battery plant.
Manufacturers discussed e-bike safety issues at the Electrify Expo 2023 Industry Day in Long Beach, California.
Sandy Munro unveils Tesla’s charging supremacy, game-changing battery tech, and the rise of Chinese EVs.
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With an off-road electric skate, your adventures will be limitless
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Man riding an electric bike on the road in a residential area rebate e-bike

New Rebate Program Offers Up To $1,500 Toward an E-Bike in Minnesota

Lyten’s Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could Be Used in Mass Production

Lyten’s Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could Be Used in Mass Production

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Sleeker, Faster EV Race Car Coming to 2025 Formula E Season