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Sources told the Wall Street Journal that tariffs on China’s low-priced electric vehicles are set to reach 100% on May 14.
As international tourism and EV popularity continue to rise, the electric car rental market is expected to grow by $11 billion by 2027.
Big Oil, complex permits, and local control are working to slow EV progress and clean energy in the United States.
The 5% EV tipping point happened in 31 countries in the fourth quarter of 2023, leading to mass EV adoption by mainstream car buyers around the globe.
Despite an EV sales slowdown, excitement builds for new models and infrastructure upgrades, fueling continued growth amidst media skepticism.
In March 2024, Fisker plans to halt production of its EVs for six weeks after missing an interest payment, causing speculation of imminent bankruptcy.
The U.K. reached a major milestone in EV sales, as the nation has sold more than one million electric cars since they went on sale in 2002.
Tesla Q4 earnings and EV market shifts reveal price cuts’ profit impact as EV sales rise, signifying market changes.
Understand China EV market leadership and the issues Chinese EVs face when trying to enter the American market, including tariffs and political tensions.
Are electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more affordable? The short answer is yes. Read on to find out more.
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