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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
What happens when your EV dash tells you to check the EV system? You might end up without your vehicle for weeks or months waiting for backordered parts.
Volvo partnered with Breathe Battery Technologies to reduce EV charging time by up to 30% in Volvo electric cars, marking a significant leap forward.
Final beam placed at Honda EV plant in OH, marking progress towards 2024 completion. $4.4B investment, 2,200 jobs, and EV production by 2025.
ProLogium debuts cutting-edge 106Ah solid-state battery, advancing EV tech. Taoke factory to supply 26k vehicles globally.
Cox Automotive amplifies its EV battery solutions reach with new facility in Georgia, advancing sustainable electric mobility.
LG Chem is poised to supply GM with over 500,000 tons of cathode materials, substantial enough to produce GM EV batteries to power 5 million high-performance electric vehicles.
Sodium-ion batteries are reshaping the EV industry, with the U.S. positioned to challenge China’s leadership in global production
US lithium-ion EV battery market faces correction due to slowed demand, layoffs, and falling lithium prices, but recovery looms.
Farasis Energy introduces cutting-edge EV battery tech: Super Pouch Solution offers high energy density, cost savings, and adaptability.
New 2024 battery sourcing rules are changing EV tax credit status for the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles.
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Kia EV6 engine EV system

What Happens When Your EV Dash Tells You It Needs a “Check Electric Vehicle System” Repair

Windrose semi driving on road megawatt charging system

Windrose Technology Semis Use BorgWarner's 960kW Megawatt Charging System

Four future Ford Hybrids

Ford Hybrids Expanded While Its Next-Gen EVs Are Delayed