Speed Up EV Charging by 30% with Elysia: WAE's Battery System
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Speed Up EV Charging by 30% with Elysia: WAE’s Battery System

  • WAE Technologies’ Elysia is a cloud-based system built from ten years of motorsports battery research to reduce OEMs’ battery development costs.
  • EVs with Elysia charge 30% faster and gain 10% more battery range.
  • Elysia also provides software to analyze battery data for fleet managers, investors, and OEMs.

WAE Technologies launched a new battery-management system to speed EV charging and storage. Elysia will allow the e-mobility sector to extend EV battery life through its cloud-based battery optimization products.

The motorsports-transportation-aerospace engineering company has over ten years of battery expertise and is using the experience on the racetrack to improve battery performance for electric scooters, cars, and commercial vehicles – even massive mining trucks.

WAE Technologies Services

WAE used its years of battery research and development to build two services that help two sectors maximize battery life and range.


Elysia Cloud Platform for Fleets and Investors

Fleet managers, investors, and vehicle manufacturers can use the Elysia Cloud Platform to gather and analyze battery data. This information helps stakeholders manage their battery life to protect their residuals and warranties, while also enhancing safety features.

The cloud-based system to better understand how batteries degrade to assist the second-life battery market. It brings transparency into a burgeoning industry thanks to AI and data science that relied on electrochemical modeling and real-world battery experience.

Vehicles that could benefit from Elysia include the Kia EV lineup and the Hyundai IONIQ lineup
Photo of two Hyundai IONIQ N EVs

Elysia Embedded for OEMs and EV Owners

The second service is Elysia Embedded, which is for individual vehicles. This service includes a collection of battery management algorithms to improve battery performance. EV manufacturers can add the algorithm to their vehicles to speed up charging and increase range without harming battery life or safety. Electric vehicles with Elysia Embedded experience up to 10% more range and 30% more battery life.


The Elysia Embedded algorithms use physics-informed models from WAE’s motorsports experience. The algorithms use low-cost chips to affordably help OEMs improve battery range and extend battery lifespans. 

OEMs benefit as Elysia Embedded has lower costs than the traditional data collection, testing, and battery controls set by their battery suppliers. Better data and lower costs can help OEMs sell more EVs, thus reducing emissions on a faster scale.

Changing the Charging Game

Vehicles that could benefit from Elysia include the Kia EV lineup and the Hyundai IONIQ lineup
Photo of Kia EV9 at Electrify Expo

Current electric vehicles have charging software that controls the maximum speed. The OEMs set the parameters. EV drivers who use DC fast-charging stations notice the parameters at work on their dashboards. Charging happens rapidly at first, and as the battery reaches capacity, charging slows.

Elysia adjusts the parameters through its battery management system. Speeding up battery charging at a DC fast-charging or Tesla Supercharger station opens up more stations for more EVs – especially at busy stops. The benefits aren’t just for charging stations, but for EV drivers, who spend less time waiting for their EV batteries to fill.

Vehicles that could benefit from Elysia include the Kia EV lineup and the Hyundai IONIQ lineup, as they use the same E-GMP 800-watt power architecture from Hyundai. Individual EV owners would not install the Elysia, instead, new EVs would come with the battery-management system pre-installed.

Experts in High-Performance Batteries

WAE developed Elysia after spending years in the motorsport racing industry. The company has diversified into a technology and engineering giant dedicated to making transportation efficient, electric, and decarbonized to protect the future of the planet.


For years, WAE was the only supplier of batteries in the motorsports industry. The company has turned the technology on its head by building batteries for high-performance EVs, massive mining trucks, and more. The company is dedicated to maintaining safety while pushing battery technology to new levels, especially regarding longevity and charging.

WAE knows the best way to do this is through software – and Elysia is the first of its kind as it unlocks the potential of batteries. With Elysia, OEMs can build new EVs with lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable battery technology. They no longer have to use the largest and heaviest batteries, which can reduce the cost of new EVs and make their battery use more efficient. 

Elysia can also help at various stages of battery life and storage. As utility companies look for ways to better serve EV drivers while reducing the impact on the grid, they can use Elysia as they build their stationary storage grids. WAE designed Elysia to make manufacturing, owning, and charging electric vehicles more efficient – both in the vehicle and in the structures that support it.

About WAE Technologies – Dedicated to Zero Emissions

Image of the innovative products of WAE Technologies, including Elysia Battery Intelligence.

WAE Technologies began as a motorsports company dedicated to electric racing. The company has 96 wins, nine driver championships, and eight manufacturer championships. 

WAE’s parent company, Fortescue, is working to support zero-emissions transportation in the off-highway sector and the rail sector as it works with Hyperbat to develop the Infinity Train program. WAE is also using its world-class engineering and innovation to develop sustainable solutions in the defense and aerospace sectors. WAE has locations in the United Kingdom and Germany.


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