Zenvo 1: 1800 HP V-12 Hybrid Hypercar!
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Zenvo 1: 1800 HP Hybrid Hypercar!

Zenvo's New Hypercar Will Have A Hybrid V12 With Up To 1,800 HP

Danish supercar Zenvo is answering the challenge put forth by the 217 MPH Pininfarina Battista EV with V-12 hybrid power!

The boutique carmaker has been selling the monstrous Zenvo TSR-S for years now, but even last year the company was making noises about crafting a fresh car on the TSR-S platform. Now, new reports say it looks like the new TSR will get a modular carbon fiber chassis and a new V-12 engine, as well as some other updates.

Zenvo’s chairman and chief commercial officer, Jens Sverdrup, says that the upcoming hypercar will feature a modular V-12 engine with two electric turbochargers and “massive” preheated catalytic converters. The engine would be capable of producing 1,200 HP, while also being paired with an electric motor and a new eight-speed automatic gearbox. The chassis, gearbox, engine, and electric drivetrain will all be designed and manufactured in-house.

Svedrup has said that he doesn’t want the brand to be building “numbers cars” that are only exciting because of their horsepower. To follow through on that goal, Zenvo is developing two versions of this new car. The first is supposed to be a grand touring hybrid, while the second will be the more hardcore, track-focused version (though still road-legal) and feature the wild, active aero wing seen in the photos. 

In its lightest version, the new hypercar is aiming to weigh only 2,756 lbs., which would make it significantly lighter than the 3,100 lb. of the Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster, but still 800-ish lbs. heavier than an ICE-powered Lotus Elise (batteries have mass, sure– but a good many EVs are faster in a straight lihgt than the featherweight Lotus). If Zenvo wants to try for some high-speed records with this new beast whenever it comes out, the opportunity could be there.


1800 HP Zenvo 1 Hybrid




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