480 kW XPeng Charger Promises 130 Miles in Just 5 Min. (!!)


XPeng Charger: 130 Miles in 5 Min.

The company demonstrated replenishing 210 km (131 miles) of CLTC range in 5 minutes.

XPeng continues to push the envelope of EV tech with flying cars, and– now– ultra-fast chargers offering 130 miles in 5 minutes!

At its recent Supercharging Media Day in Guangzhou, XPeng showed off its progress and development of its charging technology as well as its plans to build a large charging network to help create a fully electric future for China.

For one, XPeng announced the unveiling of its 1,000th charging location, with a network that so far has covered 337 cities throughout China. But the true thrill is that the brand’s supercharging system now has the S4 charging station, which can deliver a maximum power output of 480 kW and a maximum current output of 670 A. XPeng conducted a charging test on the first S4 station on this media day, and the brand’s G9 SUV gained 200 km (124 miles) of range in just 5 minutes of charging.

XPeng highlighted some other gains it has made in expanding charging services, including the fact that roughly 3 million charging sessions have been logged by XPeng vehicle owners so far, and about 470,000 of those were completed using a reservation, which drastically cuts down on queueing time for drivers who need a charge.

“There is a long-lasting debate in our industry regarding the advantages of battery electric vehicles (BEV) versus those of hybrid EVs (PHEV), and we’re firmly on the side of the former. As we all look to create a smarter and greener planet, we must choose a long-term commitment to sustainability over short-term returns. This means investing in fully electric EVs and charging technology,” said Xiaopeng He, Chairman and CEO of XPENG, at the company’s Supercharging Media Day.

You can check out XPeng’s promotional video for its ultra-fast, 480 kW charging stations, below, then let us know what you think of the Chinese tech firm’s claims in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


XPeng Shows Off Ultra-fast Charging Tech


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