Nikola Plans to Build 3 New Hydrogen Stations in Calidfornia


Nikola to Build New Hydrogen Stations

Nikola Two will have hydrogen support

Nikola is delivering its battery-electric Tre to customers, but it has bigger plans for an over-the-road hydrogen hauler, too!

Nikola Corporation recently announced that it is adding three hydrogen stations in California to scale up its long-term hydrogen distribution solutions to better meet market demand. Targeting the heavy-duty trucking industry, Nikola wants to connect HFCEV with hydrogen production hubs and dispensing stations to deliver a broader array of hydrogen fueling solutions.

The three refueling stations will be located in Colton, in Ontario, and at the Port of Long Beach. The company is also planning additional stations to further support truck demand, and they will be announced in the near future.

“This marks an important step in Nikola’s ability to deliver innovative solutions and the infrastructure needed to decarbonize the transportation industry,” said Nikola Energy president Pablo Koziner. “Our hydrogen refueling stations, along with a comprehensive energy supply, will provide customers the support needed to transition their fleets to zero-emissions.” 

The Ontario station is also part of Nikola’s collaboration with TravelCenters of America. “TA is committed to providing viable infrastructure to support the nation’s shift toward alternative fuels, and this collaboration with Nikola reflects our ongoing commitment to this goal,” said Jon Pertchik, Chief Executive Officer of TravelCenters of America. “The success of the transportation industry’s transition toward alternative fuel adoption is dependent, in part, on collaborations like this.” 

Meanwhile, the Port of Long Beach is a major global commercial transport hub and has placed a focus on leading decarbonization.


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