Tesla Berlin Has its First Environmental Accident

Tesla Berlin Has its First Environmental Accident

Environmental groups are calling for the immediate shutdown of the Tesla Berlin factory after its “revolutionary” paint shop after 15,000 liters of paint leaked out of the brand-new factory.

In the weeks and months ahead of the opening of the Tesla Berlin plant, environmentalists from The Green League and Naturschutzbund (Nabu) in Brandenburg claimed that important information was missing from the reports needed to assess whether or not the new electric car factory posed a significant threat to the area’s water supply.

Now, less than two months after securing the water supply it needs to be operational, it looks like the groups’ concerns weren’t totally baseless, as some of the brand’s most ardent supporters would seem to have had us believe.


Images of the incident at the Tesla Berlin plant show that, during the plant’s temporary shutdown in April, a large area between the paint shop and a paved “traffic area” (translated from German) was still unpaved. Having that area paved and sealed was reportedly a requirement named in the application documents that granted Tesla approval to go forward.

“In order to avoid greater damage,” read a letter that The Green League submitted to the district, Google-translated from German, “(it) is requested to prohibit the operation of the plant until this defect has been remedied and a condition corresponding to the emission control permit has been established.”

For their part, the district said it would review the application.



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