Chinese Skateboard Makes Starting a Car Company Easy


Starting a Car Company Made Easy

U Power Chassis

Imagine you want to start a car company, but you don’t know how to design a chassis. Thanks to U POWER, you don’t have to.

China’s U POWER, a brand known for its skateboard chassis, recently unveiled the country’s first mass-producible skateboard chassis-by-wire. What does this mean? This could ultimately allow for smart EV customization at much lower costs.

UP Super Board, an integrated software and hardware operating system for smart EVs, makes it possible for automakers to build an advanced EV from scratch in about 12 months. It is built on UP CCCA (Communication, Computing, and Control Architecture) and UP VMC (Vehicle Motion Control), which offer world-class capabilities for vehicle intelligence and motion control. UP CCCA, which includes UP Hub and UP HPVC, delivers real-time transmission of massive data, high-speed computing, and agile motion control of the whole vehicle.

UP VAN, the first product built on UP Super Board, has completed its winter tests and will be delivered to pre-order customers by the end of the year. The van contains 15% more loading space and capacity than other vehicles within the same class.

Paul Li, founder and CEO of U Power, said “China boasts the world’s most comprehensive and dynamic automobile industry chain, offering better cost advantages and flexibility for skateboard chassis and vehicles. The rich application scenarios will inspire us to deliver an industry-leading user experience. We will establish a firm foothold in China and march into the global market.”



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