SolarBank is Powering New York Homes with Innovative Community Solar Project
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SolarBank is Powering New York Homes with Innovative Community Solar Project

solarbank community solar ground-mounted solar panels - photo by Mark Stebnicki
  • SolarBank plans to develop a 3.15 MW solar project on a closed landfill in Camillus, New York, targeting a start in Q3, 2024, and operational by Q2, 2025, focusing on community solar benefits.
  • The project offers a way for residents to save on electricity without installing solar panels, by subscribing and earning credits from the generated solar energy.
  • Led by Dr. Richard Lu, SolarBank is expanding its solar projects with support from the NY-Sun Program and is nearing the final permitting stages for the Camillus project.

SolarBank specializes in developing and owning renewable and clean energy projects. It has established itself as a leader in distributed and community solar projects across Canada and the USA. The company’s diverse portfolio demonstrates its expertise in solar energy and its dedication to making clean energy accessible to a broad range of customers, including utilities, commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential sectors.


Recently, SolarBank made headlines with its latest venture – a promising development-stage solar project nestled in the Town of Camillus, New York, on a piece of repurposed land that once served as a landfill. This project, acquired from Storke Renewables, LLC, will be a 3.15 MW DC ground-mount solar power project, bringing innovation to community solar initiatives. Scheduled for operation in the second quarter of 2025, this project is set to reshape how local communities engage with and benefit from solar energy.

Dr. Richard Lu, the forward-thinking President & CEO of SolarBank, expressed his excitement for this new project, stating, “SolarBank continues to execute on its growth strategy with a further expansion of its independent power producer asset base.” His words mirror SolarBank’s dual strategy: selling a portion of its development pipeline while expanding its asset base through solar project ownership, ensuring consistent revenue.

This project goes beyond generating clean energy; it showcases SolarBank’s innovative approach to community solar. Community solar allows residents to access solar energy benefits without installing panels on their properties. By subscribing to the project, homeowners receive monthly credits on their electric bills, based on their share of solar energy produced. This model democratizes clean energy access and provides a practical solution for renters and homeowners to save money and support renewable energy.


EV owners benefit from significantly lower operating costs compared to traditional gasoline vehicles, as electricity is cheaper than gasoline on a per-mile basis. Solar energy projects like those developed by SolarBank can further reduce these costs if EV owners charge their vehicles using solar-generated electricity, enhancing the economic benefits of EV ownership.

Additionally, by charging EVs with solar energy, owners can achieve greater energy independence and resilience. SolarBank’s community solar projects can play a vital role in this, offering homeowners and renters without the capacity for personal solar installations the opportunity to participate in renewable energy generation and use that energy to power their EVs.

solarbank community solar ground-mounted solar panels tesla NACS charging bixusas pixabay

The Camillus project has navigated complex interconnection approvals and is nearing the final stages of permitting. With financing lined up and construction slated to start in the third quarter of 2024, SolarBank is ready for another success. Additionally, the project has the support of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) under the NY-Sun Program, ensuring it meets top sustainability and community benefit standards.



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