New, 30 mph Electric Scooter from Segway Ninebot

New, 30 mph Scooter from Segway Ninebot

Segway C80

Announced last week at the company’s 2022 press day, the Segway E110A is an updated, 30 mph Vespa-style scooter that could mark a turning point in Segway’s emobility evolution.

Segway says its new E110A “accentuates modern luxury through its bold colors and flowing lines,” and that’s not far off. This is a good-looking bike that – in the pictures we’ve seen, at least – features some high-quality finishes and great-looking components. The high-visibility headlights, digital dashboard, and even the kickstand blend nicely into the rest of the bodywork, creating a cohesive feel that isn’t immediately derivative of other bike-makers’ designs (a common criticism leveled at companies trying to enter a new space).

The E11A is able to carry two commuters and a few belongings in the roomy, 27 liter under seat storage area (good enough for a 3/4 or small full-face helmet). The bike also features front and rear disc brakes (high-end, for this segment), tubeless tires, and a minimum IPX5 water resistance on all the electronics to ensure that riders can navigate their urban commute, rain or shine.

When not in use, Segway E110A riders can manage and track the location of their scooter using real-time position tracking through the Segway-Ninebot App. The bike also features remote key and password unlock capabilities, as well as over 30 BMS safeguards to keep the vehicle’s battery safe.

The new Segway E110A offers a 50 kmh top speed (just a bit over 30 mph) and it should be at least as good as last year’s E110S’ 75 km of range on a single charge (45 miles). Expect it to come in above the Segway C80 but under the X260 dirt bike with a price tag of about $3,500 (US), and to register the bike in accordance with your local moped laws.


Segway E110A: Be Smart, Ride On


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