HUCK Cycles Launches New Stinger E-motorcycle


HUCK Launches New Stinger E-moto

Huck Cycles begins US production of Stinger electric motorbikes

HUCK Cycles have launched an all-new e-motorcycle, the Stinger – and it’s ready to take you on your next urban adventure!

Following the HUCK Rebel and Overland e-motos, the newest bike to roll out of HUCK’s mostly veteran-staffed factory is called the Stinger. Available in two versions, dubbed the “Standard” and “Performance Upgrade,” either model is good enough to handle 45 MPH surface roads with ease – that said, the Performance Upgrade version might be the one you want, with a 55 MPH top speed coming courtesy of the bike’s 8.5 peak kW motor (the Standard model ships with 6 kW of peak power, just like the HUCK Overland).

There are other differences, of course. The Performance Upgrade HUCK uses a higher power controller, as well, shipping with ASI BAC4000 controller instead of the Standard’s Sabvoton SVMC 72150 unit. The Performance also gets some higher-end suspension bits and an LCD CAN-BUS display.

All that good stuff – and the made-in-the USA construction – doesn’t come cheap. The Standard model starts at $8,690, with options and add-ons just pushing it up from there … but we think that’s OK.

First of all, the HUCK is about half the price of an entry-level Zero, but is actually a reasonable commuter with enough speed and power to compare favorably against something like a 125 cc Honda Grom (which is, admittedly, quite a bit less expensive). What’s more, the bike is built for surface road range, offering up to 100 miles of range – about the same as a LiveWire One, in fact.

Range drops to about 60 miles at top speed, but one look will tell you that highway cruising isn’t what this bike is for. And, if you ride it in its natural habitat, you’re sure to enjoy it.

We had a chance to check out several HUCK Cycles models at Electrify Expo Miami last October. You can check that out in this video, below, and let us know what you think of HUCK’s latest in the comments.


HUCK Miami Takeover


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