Frugal Folder: $799 Lectric XP Lite E-bike

Frugal Folder: $799 Lectric XP Lite E-bike

Lectric XP Lite $799 folding e-bike

Arizona-based Lectric just launched their most affordable e-bike yet— and the fast, friendly, and foldable XP Lite may be just what you’re looking for.

The Lectric crew have been “hell-bent” on bringing e-mobility to the masses since the launch of their original Lectric XP and Lectric Step-Thru models. By the time they’d reached “2.0” stage last spring, they’d sold more than 70,000 of their affordable e-bikes … but the Lectric XP Lite was always there. Waiting.

“(When we launched the 2.0), I was sure that Rad and the other big guys were going to immediately come out with a bike that was priced low enough to compete with us,” Lectric co-founder Levi Conlow told Electrek’s Micah Toll. “So I pretty quickly worked up this design for an even more affordable e-bike to top them.”

That ultra low-cost competitor never came, but Conlow felt like the XP Lite was too good to leave wallowing on the back burner, so here it is.


XP Lite Midnight Black


The Lectric XP Lite keeps the basic form factor of the 2.0, but ditches the front oil shocks, 7-speed Shimano gearset, and 500Wh battery for a solid fork, fixed gear, and 375Wh battery. It’s doubtful that most riders will miss the shocks, or— because the XP Lite still offers about 15 miles of throttle-only range at 20 mph and up to 40 miles of range on pedal-assist— miss the range.

One thing XP Lite rider will definitely not miss however, is the added weight the upgraded parts bring to the table e-bike. Where the Lectric XP 2.0 weighs in at 62 lbs., the lower-cost Lectric XP Lite tips the scales at a positively feathery (for a folding e-bike) 46 lbs.!

We can’t wait to test this one out for ourselves at the Electrify Expo later this year— but we love accessible and affordable e-mobility. What about you guys? Head on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of Lectric’s latest budget e-bike at the bottom of the page.



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