Ford CEO Says Tesla Rescue Adapter is 'Not Trolling, Just Helpful'
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Ford ‘Not Trolling, Just Helpful’

f150 lightning

Ford F-150 Lightning buyers got an unexpected gift when their truck arrived: an adapter to charge Tesla that have run out of juice.

One of the many game-changing features making their debut in the Ford F-150 Lightning pickups reaching customers this week is their ability to power not just tools, accessories, and homes– but even other EVs. That vehicle to vehicle (“V2V”) charging tech allows the Lightning to “jump” electric cars that have run out of juice, and the included V2V Tesla adapter has raised some eyebrows among Tesla fans.

Enough people responded, in fact, that Ford CEO Jim Farley decided to respond to allegations of “trolling” Tesla.


The Ford Pro Power onboard charger puts out 240V at up to 9.6 kW, enough to allow the Ford Mobile Charger to offer stranded cars a 7 kW charge rate (good for about 20 miles of range/hr.).

That’s hardly a fast charger, of course– but it wouldn’t take too long to boost up a stranded EV with enough “electric fuel” to get to a proper DC fast charger.


Tesla Charging Adapter for F-150 Lightning


Hilariously, the guys at Car and Driver showed that you could set up a Ford Lightning to charge itself, but efficiency losses in the charging process mean you’ll just run down your battery faster, not get infinite range (sorry!).

What do you guys think– is this Ford getting one over on the would-be Cybertruck maker, or just a genuine desire to keep pushing the F-150 Lightning to be the most capable EV on the market? Scroll on down to the comments and let us know!





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