Henrik Fisker Teases $29K Pear EV on Instagram
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Fisker Teases Low-cost Pear EV

New Fisker Pear Teaser Shows $29,900 EV's Entire Front End Design

Just two weeks after announcing a deal to have Foxconn build its upcoming, low-cost Pear EV, Fisker gives us our best look yet.

Details about the upcoming Pear hatchback have been short, but the promises surrounding the car have been sky-high. Fisker plans to build “at least” 250,000 PEARs per year at the Foxconn-owned Lordstown, Ohio plant, “after a ramp up period.”

For comparison, Ford plans to ramp up production of its F-150 Lightning pickup– an electric version of the best-selling vehicle in America for the last forty-odd years, straight– to 150,000 by 2023. That’s fully 100,000 fewer vehicles than Fisker is promising, despite the fact that Ford has built and sold hundreds of millions of vehicles in its hundred-plus year history (more than 15 million Model Ts, alone), while Fisker has built … fewer.

All the same, Henrik is pushing the Pear EV hard, and showed the first rendering of the “undisguised” front of the low-cost EV.

You can see that for yourself in Henrik’s original Instagram post, below, then let us know what you think the odds of a $29,000 hatchback out-selling the F-150 Lightning pickup by six figures a year are in the comments section at the bottom of the page.





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