Everatti GT40 is Your Electrified LeMans Classic
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Everatti GT40 is Your Electrified LeMans Classic

everatti electric gt40 superformance

Converting classic cars to electric power is becoming big business, and we’re not just talking Range Rovers and Mini Coopers – but legitimate, six-figure supercar icons, as well. As for that “icons” part, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the Ford GT40. And now, you can get a Superformance GT40 packed with electric motors.

Everatti claims its mission is to, “passionately redefine the most iconic cars and make them relevant to the world today.” And, if that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s become something of a recurring theme among old-school gearheads who hope to continue to be able to enjoy their old cars in a modern, electrified age.

It would be wrong to call the Superformance-built GT40 Mark II chassis that the UK-based EV conversion specialists at Everatti use as a starting point for their electric supercar a “kit.” These are highly authentic continuation models of the original mid-engined Ford that beat Ferrari at the grueling 24 hours of LeMans endurance race in 1966 and inspired the Oscar-winning 2019 film, Ford v. Ferrari. These cars are built to such a high standard, in fact, that Ford legally allows them to use the “GT40” name, and as each of the GT40/P chassis numbers are eligible for the official GT40 registry and the official Shelby World registry.

It’s a nice car, in other words – and the Superformance GT40 just gets nicer with the addition of a combined 800 hp from dual electric motors, pushing 590 lb-ft of torque to the ground at 0 rpm. It’s a silent killer.

“This is the perfect partnership. The sole focus of both Everrati and Superformance is iconic cars and Lance and his team are THE guys when it comes to authorized continuation chassis of some of the most legendary cars in history,” Justin Lunny, the founder and CEO of Everrati. “Marrying (their) chassis with our advanced EV powertrains … will enhance performance while keeping the essence and soul of the original.”

The end result is impressive. 0-60 mph comes up in under 4 seconds, with instantaneous throttle response and linear torque delivery making the Everatti electric GT40 a formidable track weapon. And, sure – that 3.xx 0-60 time may not seem impressive compared to an all-wheel drive Tesla Model S Plaid or Audi E-Tron GT, but those cars enjoy the benefits of all-wheel drive and advanced traction control systems. The GT40 is a much more pure driving experience.

For his part, Lance Stander, the CEO of Superformance, seems as excited about the electric GT40 project as Everatti. “Justin and the team at Everrati have a compelling vision for the future,” he says. “While I will always love a V8-powered vehicle, there is no doubting the ultra-high performance of Everrati’s advanced EV powertrains, (and) I am genuinely impressed with the lengths to which Everrati goes to maintain the character of the original car.”


Everatti Electric GT40


The Everatti GT40 promises 125 miles of driving range from a 46 kWh battery pack, as well as both AC and DC fast-charging. It’s not yet a long-haul traveler, but maintains the original GT40’s weight distribution and handling. So, if you’re smitten with the Anglo-American star of Ford v. Ferrari and have been looking for a sporty new EV to spend your money on, this Superformance/Everatti collaboration might be the legend you’re looking for.



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