EVgo eXtend Expands Fast Charging Collaboration


Pilot, EVgo Expand Partnership

EVgo eXtend Expands Fast Charging in Collaboration with GM and Pilot Company

This summer, EVgo partnered with Pilot and GM in a new program that will add thousands of ev chargers to gas stations across the country.

This EVgo eXtend project will deploy 2,000 charging stalls at various Pilot Flying J stations. Pilot Company will own the chargers, but EVgo will install, operate, and maintain the network of 350 kW stalls. Meanwhile, GM will co-brand them as part of their Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem. 

“EVgo, GM and Pilot Company share a commitment to building an electric charging network that increases access and helps accelerate the shift to electrification for all. The eXtend offering leverages our technological expertise and experience deploying and operating chargers for customers across the country, including critical corridors for road trips,” said Cathy Zoi, EVgo’s CEO. “This particular EVgo eXtend rollout demonstrates the versatile pathways we offer collaborators to achieve their electrification goals and expand charging options for EVgo drivers.”

John Tully, Pilot Company’s vice president of Strategy and Business Development, said that “Pilot Company strives to bring the best experience and offerings to the more than a million guests we serve every day. …This new coast-to-coast network of fast chargers will give the nation’s growing number of EV drivers the confidence they need when looking at long-distance travel by eliminating range anxiety and delivering the best amenities while they wait.”

The EVgo eXtend program will go live starting in 2023. 


EVgo eXtend Expands Fast Charging Collaboration


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