Nationwide Network for EV Truck Charging Is in the Works

Nationwide Network for EV Truck Charging Is in the Works

EV truck charging
  • Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock Alternatives will collaborate on a medium- and heavy-duty truck charging network.
  • Dubbed Greenlane, the network will focus on major traffic corridors along both coasts and within Texas.
  • The first station will be in Southern California.

Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock Alternatives have come together to embark on an ambitious mission: to build a nationwide charging network for electric trucks. This EV truck charging joint venture will be called Greenlane. The three industry giants are set to design, develop, install, and operate a high-performance zero-emission public charging and hydrogen fueling network for medium- and heavy-duty battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Rendering a Sustainable Vision

With the announcement of the Greenlane project, Daimler, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock Alternatives have unveiled renderings of the site layout, marking a significant milestone in the project’s development.

Greenlane seeks to address the pressing need for a publicly accessible, nationwide electric charging infrastructure specifically tailored to meet the demands of commercial vehicles, particularly for long-haul freight operations. This initiative represents a vital step toward establishing a sustainable zero-emission vehicle ecosystem across North America. With an investment of over $650 million, the joint venture has made substantial progress since its inception in 2022.

Mapping the Road Ahead

The Greenlane team is diligently collaborating on the necessary infrastructure to holistically deploy this EV truck charging network. Their efforts encompass the development of a custom commercial vehicle reservation platform, integrating dedicated software and hardware teams to provide fleet managers, dispatchers, and drivers with an unparalleled customer experience.

Greenlane’s first site will be in Southern California, with additional sites being acquired along various freight routes. The network of charging sites will be strategically positioned along critical freight routes, spanning the East and West Coasts as well as Texas. 

Greenlane aims to maximize efficiency by leveraging existing infrastructure and amenities where synergistic while simultaneously adding complementary greenfield sites to meet projected customer demand. The initial focus will be on battery-electric medium- and heavy-duty trucks, followed by the establishment of hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell trucks. Future plans also include expanding access to light-duty vehicles, further advancing the ultimate goal of electrifying mobility.

Overcoming Infrastructure Hurdles

“The nation’s fleets can only transform with the critical catalyst of publicly accessible charging designed to meet the needs for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles,” said John O’Leary, president and CEO of DTNA. 

Greenlane is designed precisely to address this hurdle that has hindered the trucking industry’s decarbonization efforts. By collaborating with BlackRock and NextEra Energy Resources, Daimler aims to support their mutual customers while simultaneously benefiting all electric vehicle drivers who will have access to this innovative network. With the launch of Greenlane, the project partners are excited to take the next step and anticipate sharing more of their plans for the future.


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