FlexCharging Introduces EVision as Charging Solution

FlexCharging Introduces EVision as Charging Solution

EVision charging solutions EV charging
  • FlexCharging has introduced EVision, a cloud-based software solution for managed EV charging.
  • The software is meant to benefit electric utility cooperatives, municipal utilities, and EV owners.
  • EVision’s smart charging benefits include cost reduction for EV owners and decreased energy loads on utilities.

FlexCharging, a pioneering provider of EV managed charging solutions, has launched its newest innovation: EVision. This cloud-based software solution is set to revolutionize the way electric utility cooperatives and municipal utilities manage EV charging.

EVision: Empowering Utilities and EV Owners Alike

With the EVision software, electric utility cooperatives and municipal utilities can now implement their managed charging programs effortlessly. This technology opens up new possibilities for small regional co-ops, democratizing access to smart charging solutions.

Brian Grunkemeyer, CEO and Founder of FlexCharging, explains: “EVision’s smart charging benefits are threefold: It reduces costs for EV owners, decreases energy loads on utilities, and lowers carbon emissions for the world.”

Poudre Valley REA Leads the Way

Poudre Valley REA, a member-owned electric co-op based in Fort Collins, Colorado, has partnered with FlexCharging to launch a pilot program called DrivEV. This program aims to create a safer, more reliable, and more affordable supply of power for all its members.

Tim Ellis, Energy Resources Director at Poudre Valley REA, expresses his enthusiasm: “A viable, cost-effective, and user-friendly telematics solution supporting the most available EVs allows us to maximize the positive impact managed EVs can have on our grid. We’re excited to partner with FlexCharging.”

EVision: A Game-Changer for Rural Areas

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Rural areas have experienced a rapid increase in EV adoption, with more co-ops seeking smart charging programs with incentives for EV owners. According to a Consumer Reports survey, the number of rural drivers seriously considering buying or leasing an EV has nearly tripled in the past two years.

EVision’s managed charging and incentive programs support a wide range of EV brands, making it accessible to drivers everywhere. With the same login and password they use for their car app, EV owners can seamlessly connect their vehicles and enroll in the program.

By optimizing charging times, EVision lowers the cost of charging for EV owners. The software collaborates with local utilities to remotely turn charging on and off during off-peak hours, avoiding expensive electricity rates and minimizing peak-hour demand.

Global Reach and Accessibility

FlexCharging’s EVision is not limited to the United States. It is available to utilities of all sizes in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and parts of the E.U. This global reach makes EVision a powerful tool in accelerating the adoption of clean transportation worldwide.


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