Horwin Senmenti: Electric Superbike, 2.8s 0-60mph! Electrify Expo Debut!
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Horwin Senmenti: Electric Superbike, 2.8s 0-60mph! Electrify Expo Debut!

Horwin Senmenti: Electric Superbike, 2.8s 0-60mph! Electrify Expo Debut!
  • Horwin unveils upgraded Senmenti electric motorcycles at Electrify Expo.
  • Senmenti 0 model impresses with 125mph top speed, 2.8s 0-60mph acceleration, and 188-mile range.
  • Intelligent electric bikes by Horwin adapt to rider’s style, enhancing energy efficiency and safety with ABS, anti-slip system, collision warning, and diverse riding modes.

Horwin, the manufacturer of electric motorcycles, grabs the attention of the two-wheeler industry in America with its advanced line of high-performance electric bikes. The Senmenti series by Horwin introduces the Senmenti 0 as its initial model, featuring upgraded batteries, motors, bodies, assistance, safety systems, and elegant designs. This cutting-edge technology will be revealed at the Electrify Expo, a North American exhibition dedicated to electric vehicles, held in Long Beach, CA, from May 19th to 21st, 2023.

Horwin’s Revolutionary Technologies Make Waves at Global Auto Shows, Redefining Mobile Life Experiences

Horwin is revolutionizing the concept of mobile life, empowering individuals to explore new realms of existence. As a rapidly growing company in the smart electric two-wheel platform industry, Horwin has achieved significant milestones within a span of six years, including the successful verification of its minimum viable product (MVP) through innovative electric intelligence in Europe.

Recently, Horwin garnered global attention by unveiling groundbreaking technologies such as the Senmenti lineup, the unified chassis “IM” (Intelligent Mobility Integrated), and the Two-wheel Dynamic Self-balancing Technology at prestigious events like EICMA (08/11/2022, Milan, Italy) and the Shanghai Auto Show (18/04/2023, Shanghai, China). Horwin has now established itself as a pioneering force in software-defined hardware for intelligent chassis systems.

Horwin’s Electric Urban-ADV Motorcycle Redefines Riding Pleasure with Impressive Performance

Distinguishing itself from traditional gasoline motorcycles, the electric Urban-ADV, Horwin Senmenti 0, showcases remarkable performance.

Distinguishing itself from traditional gasoline motorcycles, the electric Urban-ADV, Senmenti 0, showcases remarkable performance. With a top speed of 125mph and an acceleration from 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds, the Senmenti 0 delivers an impressive riding experience. It boasts an exceptional maximum range of 188 miles and weighs 450 lbs. Even as the battery drains, there is no compromise on performance, ensuring uninterrupted riding pleasure. Equipped with the Super Charger function, the vehicle can rapidly charge its battery from 0-80% in a mere 30 minutes at any e-car rapid charging station (400 V). Notably, the Urban Micro power grid can also supply electricity, catering to camping equipment and other electric vehicles.

“Senmenti derives from the Chinese pronunciation of the word for ‘lifeform’,” Gary Liao explains, CEO of Horwin AMERICA INC. He thus refers to the built-in intelligent electronics that are learning. For example, the Senmenti 0 automatically adapts to the riding style of its owner and increases energy efficiency.

“More than 30 sensors and cameras on the vehicle collect information in real-time and thus increase safety, Senmenti-0 is equipped with A.I. It’s a fully internet-connected motorbike that learns from the surroundings and the riders,” says Gary Liao.

Advanced Features Elevate Senmenti 0 Motorcycle Experience

Advanced Features Elevate Horwin Senmenti 0 Motorcycle Experience.

The Senmenti 0 boasts an array of advanced features designed to enhance safety and riding comfort. These include an ABS braking system, which provides optimal control during braking, an anti-slip system that prevents tire slippage for improved traction, tire pressure sensors to monitor and maintain optimal tire conditions, and a collision warning system that alerts riders to potential hazards.

In addition to safety features, the Senmenti 0 offers various convenience features such as mountain, starting, and reversing assistance to facilitate maneuvering in challenging terrains, rear air suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride, different riding modes to cater to individual preferences and road conditions, Keyless Go for seamless access and ignition, an intelligent camera for automated photo capturing, and heated seats and grips to ensure rider comfort even in colder weather conditions. These features collectively contribute to an elevated riding experience with enhanced comfort and convenience.

Advanced Safety and Performance for Optimal Riding

The Horwin Senmenti 0 prioritizes safety and riding performance, featuring the Bosch 10.3ME front and rear dual-channel ABS system.

The Senmenti 0 prioritizes safety and riding performance, featuring the Bosch 10.3ME front and rear dual-channel ABS system. This system ensures vehicle stability, optimal deceleration during braking, and shorter braking distances, significantly improving overall stability and safety. Additionally, the motorcycle is equipped with four pressure sensors that effectively perceive the force exerted on the vehicle from all directions. The front and rear suspension utilize KYB shock absorption technology, with the front suspension adopting an H-type design to further enhance riding comfort. With a 49ft wheelbase and an all-aluminum cast vehicle integrated chassis, along with liquid die-forged front and rear subframes, the Senmenti 0 offers enhanced flexibility and control during rides.

With its light and stable vehicle frame and its graceful design, the Senmenti 0 offers reduced air resistance. It is ideally suited for both city and cross-country trips.

Surprise Bookings Open, Shipping in 2024

The Horwin Senmenti-0 is offered in two distinct versions: the standard

The Senmenti-0 is offered in two distinct versions: the standard “Limelight” and the premium “Cosmos.” Excitingly, it is now open for surprise bookings, requiring a refundable deposit of $100. Shipping of the motorcycle is scheduled to commence in the first half of 2024, with a price range estimated to be between $18,000 and $20,000.

At the Electrify Expo, the cruiser prototype known as HYPER-GT Senmenti X will be showcased, representing a futuristic masterpiece in the world of cruisers. Notably, a dedicated self-balancing function is currently being developed for this model. This function aims to maintain the vehicle’s balance both while stationary and during rides, thereby enhancing overall riding safety.

Horwin is set to open its first showroom in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, marking the beginning of its expansion journey. The plan is to gradually extend its presence to other states as well. With a commitment to creating a completely fresh mobile life experience and empowering individuals to explore new dimensions of life, Horwin remains dedicated to taking proactive steps towards achieving this vision.

Want to know more about Horwin? Please visit to www.horwin.com.


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