Drako Announces Wild, 2000 HP Dragon SUV
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Drako Announces 2000 HP Dragon SUV

Drako launches the fastest, most ludicrously overpowered SUV in history

Want an all-wheel drive desert dune blaster packing 2000 HP, instant torque, and doors that swing upwards? Drako has what you need.

Drako just revealed its second all-new electric hypercar, and this one is just as ready to take on the Dakar Rally as it is Rodeo Drive! Check out the full press release we got this morning, below, then let us know what you think of this all-new, all-electric rally raider in the comments.

Designed and crafted in Italy, Dragon is the purest fusion of automotive form and function in history.

Engineered in Silicon Valley and designed and crafted in Italy, the stunning, all-electric Drako Dragon takes electric hypercars to the next level. Designed and built to redefine the way the world thinks about automotive performance, style, and luxury, the Dragon is an entirely new kind of hypercar–one that wasn’t possible until now.

Design Without Compromise

The best of European design and American engineering come together in the Dragon to create a futuristic experience replete with Old World comfort. Sculpted almost entirely from carbon fiber for the highest levels of safety and performance, the Dragon’s sleek, futuristic look is the work of Drako Chief Designer Lowie Vermeersch and his Italian GranStudio team. Vermeersch’s design portfolio includes some of Europe’s most beautiful vehicles of the 21st century. Now Vermeersch and his team express the passion and dynamism of the all-new Dragon in visual form, fusing its stunning Italian shape with pure Silicon Valley technological function.

Likewise, the cabin is wrapped in Europe’s finest, most sumptuous leather, exuding luxury and comfort, with a unique layout and easy ingress/egress. But more than just looking and feeling great, the 5-seat cabin is designed without compromise to its functionality, offering world-class passenger comfort and space and ample luggage capacity in addition to world-beating luxury and performance. The Dragon builds on the experience gained with the GTE, taking advantage of packaging and design freedoms allowed by EV powertrains–things that simply couldn’t be done with combustion engines–as well as the latest in composite manufacturing to build a vehicle unlike any the world has seen.

Performance Beyond Punchlines

Image courtesy Drako Motors.

While some carmakers tout their vehicles’ straight-line speed with movie punchlines, Drako needs no gimmicks for the Dragon: Top speed is over 200 mph, it runs the quarter mile in 9.0 seconds, and it hits 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. The Dragon summons this performance from the DriveOS Quad Motor Powertrain, its in-house battery system, and the nanosecond-precise control of the Drako DriveOS vehicle architecture, which combines the ultimate in handling and performance with next-generation technology and luxury features.

With 2,000 horsepower on tap and individual control of each wheel’s torque–both positive and negative–plus a three-stage suspension to conquer both roads and trails, the Dragon feels less like a car and more like a spaceship.

Competitively Priced

Image courtesy Drako Motors.

You might expect an electric hypercar that so thoroughly outclasses the best offerings in the world to similarly outstrip them in price, but the Drako Dragon is priced competitively to the existing super-SUV segment. Lessons learned in the development and production of the Drako GTE supercar have enabled such massive performance without compromising cabin space, on-road comfort, or off-road ability. The Dragon is the culmination of a critical mass of industrial economies of scale, category-redefining design and engineering, and hard-earned hypercar expertise on road and track.

In other words, the Dragon offers not only a genre-defying all-carbon fiber structure, world-class European design inside and out, and world-beating DriveOS Quad Motor Powertrain control, but also over double the horsepower of its nearest competitors–and it does all of this for about the same price as those alternatives.

Are you ready for an entirely new kind of hypercar? The Drako Dragon conquers the automotive world later this year with vehicle reservations opening soon.

Drako Dragon Electric SUV Specs.

Quad Motor Powertrain with Drako DriveOS NanoControlFront: 285/30/23
HORSEPOWERRear: 325/30/23
2,000 hpLENGTH
ACCELERATION 0 – 60 MPH199 inches
1.9 secondsWIDTH
9.0 secondsHEIGHT
TOP SPEED63 inches (Cruise suspension setting)
RANGETarmac setting: 6.5 inches
420 miles (EPA est.)Cruise setting: 8.4 inches
FAST CHARGINGOverland setting: 10.2 inches
500 kW capabilityTOWING CAPACITY
WHEELS3,000 lbs
Front: 420mm carbon ceramic rotors and 10 piston calipersBASE PRICE
Rear: 410mm carbon ceramic rotors and 6 piston calipers$290,000


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