RAM Promaster + Tesla Battery = Electrified Vanlife
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RAM Promaster + Tesla Battery

Living in a van down by the river just isn’t the same threat that it used to be – this Dodge/Tesla camper van is downright appealing.

There are all sorts of upfits you can get to live your best #vanlife, but firm Ready.Set.Van. has a really solid approach to the whole prospect. First, they start with a Ram ProMaster van. Why? Because it’s wide enough to fit a full-size bed while still giving you a good amount of living space. We’re off to a good start here. No one wants to feel cramped when they tumble into bed after a long day of adventuring outdoors.

Next, they use a Tesla battery pack — but not to run the van itself. Instead, the Tesla battery module powers everything else in your glam van, like the lighting, water pumps, cooktop, refrigerator, and general electrical needs like charging your phone or laptop.

Then they build the van out for utility, comfort, and style. There’s that lifted full-size bed, yes, but underneath you can store your mountain bikes or any other big equipment in the “garage”  that can be custom designed for your particular needs. The laminate flooring looks like the kind you’d get in a really nice house, and the walnut countertop gives the little kitchen space a real luxe feel.

So yes, while this thing isn’t really an EV, we can forgive that because it’s still a really cool way to incorporate EV battery technology into a snazzy, livable space for the bold, outdoorsy types.

Want one of your own? You just need to buy the van first — new, used, they don’t care over at Ready.Set.Van. After that, the company will need a $10,000 retainer to hold a build start date. Then you can talk with them about what all of your needs and wants are for your swanky van down by the river.


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