Blue Whale Invests in Xeal Energy EV Charging

Blue Whale Invests in Xeal Energy EV Charging

EV charging advisory company Blue Whale EV has announced a partnership Xeal Energy, which provides “the most advanced EV charging stations”.

Blue Whale EV is now a certified reseller for Xeal, and this partnership will expand Xeal’s reach by providing sales, installation, and maintenance for prospective and existing customers. In addition, Xeal will be able to focus more on expanding its production and development of new technology.

Xeal’s technology seeks to bypass common fail points for EV chargers that result from connectivity issues like lack of cell service or not enough network IT cables. Instead, drivers connect to Xeal chargers with the Xeal app, which is powered through encrypted token-based technology dubbed Apollo. The Apollo technology doesn’t require cell access or networked cable systems, so this means that Xeal chargers could be installed in nontraditional settings like underground parking garages.

Rich McNulty, CEO of Blue Whale EV said, “There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the EV charging industry. It’s an industry that’s constantly pushing past the boundaries of what’s considered possible and inspiring companies to do the same. At Blue Whale EV, we’re committed to partnering with companies who think outside the box and propel the industry forward. For that reason, we’re excited to expand our portfolio of EV charging options to include Xeal’s innovative offerings. Their high-tech, low maintenance, and cost-effective chargers will ensure that our clients have access to reliable charging they can count on.”

Chris Moreno, vice president of real estate & channel partnerships at Xeal, said, “Blue Whale EV is exactly what we look for in a partner. They’re passionate about the industry and provide top notch education and service to prospective clients. In Blue Whale EV, we’ve not just found a company to sell our products; we’ve found a partner who we can trust to help us drive mass adoption of EV charging across multifamily and commercial real estate clients.”

Blue Whale EV will help establish partnerships with electrical service providers for Xeal, letting Xeal build more chargers across more markets. The company aims to use dynamic power optimization software to allow for more chargers in one area without needing to upgrade electrical capacity, which is a real concern in some markets.


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