Tern Bicycles Finds a New Partner to Conquer the UK and Eire
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Tern Bicycles Finds a New Partner to Conquer the UK and Eire

Tern Bicycles Finds a New Partner to Conquer the UK and Eire - Short Haul cargo bike
  • Tern and OGA partner for Tern bicycle distribution in UK and Eire, ensuring better stock availability and customer support.
  • OGA to handle sales and service in UK and Ireland, utilizing EU warehouse for faster Tern product supply.
  • Companies seeking bike industry talent should consider hiring individuals from Moore Large, says Josh Hon, Tern’s spokesperson.

The urban transportation world is abuzz with the latest news! Tern, the renowned urban cycling specialist, has joined forces with One Generation Ahead SRL (OGA) to take the United Kingdom and Eire by storm. With their dynamic new partnership, Tern and OGA are set to dominate the market and revolutionize your cycling experience.

Your Local Bike Shop Is About to Get Even Better!

Now, you might be wondering, what does this mean for you, the passionate cyclist seeking top-notch bikes and accessories? Fear not, dear reader, for I have all the juicy details.

OGA will be working hand in hand with Tern’s network of independent bicycle dealers. That means your favorite local bike shop will continue to offer Tern’s cutting-edge products, honor warranty claims, and provide you with the spare parts you need. Talk about convenience!

OGA Expands Reach: Now Accepting Orders for Tern Gear in the UK and Eire

Additionally, OGA is wasting no time and has already started accepting orders. That means you can get your hands on the latest Tern gear sooner than you can say “pedal power.” The transition from Tern’s former UK and Eire distributor, Moore Large, might have been bittersweet, but as Josh Hon, Tern’s spokesperson, puts it, “We expect OGA to still be able to improve in important areas, such as stock availability.” This means even better service and more options for us, the cycling enthusiasts.

If you’re familiar with Tern’s success story, you might recall OGA’s name. They’ve been an integral part of Tern’s journey since its inception in 2011, expertly handling distribution in France, Italy, Finland, and Sweden. Now, they’re ready to conquer the UK and Eire market, establishing a UK-based team dedicated to sales and service.

Meet the Leading UK Team and Hear from the Managing Director

Tern Bicycles Finds a New Partner to Conquer the UK and Eire - Tiziana and Luigi Barbavara OGA Founders
Tiziana and Luigi Barbavara OGA Founders

To ensure a seamless transition, OGA will be tapping into their existing EU warehouse for initial supply. Rest assured, my fellow riders, your Tern dreams will be fulfilled in no time. Leading the charge in the UK team will be none other than Mark Bickerton, a longstanding partner of Tern. With his expertise, you can expect excellence on all fronts.

Luigi Barbavara, the Managing Director of OGA, chimed in, “We’re looking forward to servicing Tern dealers in the UK and Ireland and making this transition smooth and easy. We’ve already started reaching out to Tern dealers to let them know that we are here, ready to ship products and provide support for Tern customers.” Talk about dedication and enthusiasm!

But here’s an insider tip for all you industry insiders: If you’re on the hunt for talented individuals to bolster your own team, look no further than the exceptional folks leaving Moore Large. According to Josh Hon, “If you’re in the bike industry and looking for hard-working and talented people to add to your team, you should definitely look at the people leaving Moore Large.” These individuals are brimming with experience and passion, just waiting to join the next exciting adventure.

So, my fellow pedal pushers, gear up for an incredible journey with Tern and OGA. With their combined expertise and dedication, we’re in for a wild ride. Say goodbye to stock shortages and hello to unparalleled service. Your urban cycling dreams are about to become a reality.

Remember, life is like riding a bicycle — to keep your balance, you must keep moving. And with Tern and OGA leading the way, we’ll be pedaling into a future of endless possibilities.

For more information, visit www.ternbicycles.com.


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