Evolve Skateboards Now Offers an Electric BMX Bike - Project BMX
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Evolve Skateboards Now Offers an Electric BMX Bike – Project BMX

Image showcasing Evolve Skateboards Project BMX electric bike
  • Evolve Skateboards’ Project BMX electric BMX bike merges classic style with electric tech, featuring a stylish design and Bafang M560 Mid Drive Motor.
  • With up to 60 km (37 miles) range and speeds reaching 36 kph (23 mph), the Project BMX offers endurance and velocity for both city and off-road journeys.
  • Crafted with premium Chromoly tubing and advanced features like an intuitive LED display, the Project BMX ensures durability, convenience, and confidence on every ride.

The demand for innovative solutions that marry style with sustainability has never been higher. Evolve Skateboards, known for pushing the boundaries of electric skateboards, has once again captured the spotlight with the debut of their latest creation: the Project BMX. This electric BMX bike represents a bold fusion of aesthetics and technology, promising riders a ride experience like no other.


Iconic Aesthetic, Modern Performance

The Project BMX displays the timeless charm of traditional BMX design while showing off the performance capabilities of a modern electric bike. Available in striking Black or Chrome color options, this bike features a nimble 24” frame that seamlessly blends classic style with contemporary functionality. Riders have the option to choose between traditional Spokes or the modern style of Skyway Tuffs wheels, allowing for a personalized touch that reflects their individuality.

Image showcasing Evolve Skateboards Electric BMX Bike - Project BMX - Black

Unparalleled Range and Speed

Equipped with a powerful Bafang M560 mid drive motor, Evolve’s electric BMX bike offers a riding experience with speeds of up to 36 kph (23 mph) when utilizing both pedal assist and throttle. What truly sets this ebike apart is its impressive range – up to 60 km (37 miles) with pedal assist alone. Whether navigating through city streets or going off-road, riders can enjoy going out without the fear of running out of power.

Image showcasing frame dimensions of the Evolve Skateboards Electric BMX Bike - Project BMX

Optimized Weight Distribution and Maneuverability

Despite its beefy construction, the Project BMX maintains a manageable weight of 20.5 kg (45 lbs), ensuring agile handling and effortless maneuverability. The carefully calculated frame geometry and weight distribution lower the center of gravity, adding stability and control, particularly during tight maneuvers or high-speed rides. This balance encourages a natural riding posture and intuitive control, allowing riders to seamlessly connect with their ebike.


Advanced Technology, Enhanced Comfort

The electric BMX bike from Evolve Skateboards adds to the rider’s experience beyond just performance, lifting it to new heights. The bike features a high-capacity 36V 9.6 AH Samsung battery, supplying long-lasting power for longer rides. With five-speed modes to choose from, riders can tailor their experience to suit their preferences and terrain, whether they’re seeking an extra boost of power for uphill climbs or a leisurely cruise through the city streets.

Durability and Reliability

Project BMX is designed with high-quality Chromoly frame and fork tubing from Tange, making it durable for both city and off-road. Tested to ISO4210 standards, this e-bike offers reliability and durability without compromising on agility or performance. The integrated headset and adjustable saddle provide customizable comfort, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for riders of all levels.

Image showcasing rear of seat of the Evolve Skateboards Electric BMX Bike - Project BMX

Safety and Convenience Features

In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, Project BMX prioritizes rider safety and convenience. The intuitive LED display provides essential information at a glance, including speedometer readings in both kilometers per hour (KPH) and miles per hour (MPH). With three modes for the LED rear light control, riders can improve their visibility and safety when riding in low-light conditions, while the inclusion of a Walk Assist Mode offers added convenience when maneuvering the bike in crowded or restricted areas.

Securing Your Piece of the Future

Pre-orders for Evolve Skateboards’ Project BMX are now open, with limited numbers available. Secure your bike today with a fully refundable deposit, with the remaining balance due four weeks before the dispatch date.



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