Electra's Affordable E-Bike Beach Cruiser Reflects Surfing Roots
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Electra Kakau Reflects Surfing Roots

Electra Introduces Artsy Kakau Go! Electric Cruiser Bike Trek’s e-bike subsidiary has artistic city-dwellers and beach-goers in its crosshairs with the new Kakau Go!

Inspired by Polynesian surfing history, the Kakau Go! is the latest addition to Trek’s Electra e-bike lineup.

Trek Bikes makes a variety of bicycles, including a wide array of electric bikes. Under the Electra brand, Trek has released the Kakau Go!, inspired by Polynesia and its surfing history.

It’s a hip, stylish cruiser with some fun design inspirations. Because the Kakau Go!’s aesthstic influences come from Polynesia, different concepts reflect an homage to the “birthplace of surfing,” like the matte ember frame that resembles lava rock and the tribal patterns on the frame tubing, fenders, seat, and chainguard.

The Kakau Go! opts for a hub motor rather than the typical mid-drive motor from Electra. While we don’t know specifics on the power output, it most likely has a 250 W motor. We do know that it has a 250 Wh battery pack that claims up to 40 miles of range. (You can also get a range extender to double that distance.)

In keeping with the surfing theme, Electra sells surfboard racks for this bike (and others). But if you want just the bare-bones version, luckily the Kakau Go! costs only $1,800.


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