Breaking Boundaries: StoreDot's I-BEAM XFC Concept Charges EVs in Under 10 Minutes
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Breaking Boundaries: StoreDot’s I-BEAM XFC Concept Charges EVs in Under 10 Minutes

Breaking Boundaries StoreDot I-BEAM XFC Concept Charges EVs in Under 10 Minutes 1
  • StoreDot’s I-BEAM XFC concept enables EVs to charge in under 10 minutes.
  • StoreDot aims to charge 100 miles in just 3 minutes by 2028,
  • Collaborations with industry giants like Daimler, Volvo and Samsung validate StoreDot’s transformative potential.

Electric vehicle (EV) technology is progressing rapidly. StoreDot, known for extreme fast charging (XFC) EV batteries, has introduced its latest innovation, the I-BEAM XFC concept. StoreDot’s goal with this EV battery is to overcome major hurdles in EV adoption: range and charging concerns.


At the heart of this innovation lies StoreDot’s relentless pursuit of excellence in battery technology. By leveraging proprietary organic and inorganic compounds, optimized by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, StoreDot has shattered conventional norms. The outcome is the capacity to charge an EV in less than 10 minutes, comparable to refueling a traditional combustion engine car.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, highlights the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility: “As the pioneer of XFC battery technology, we are committed to enable extreme fast charge capability, from cell-level, to pack, to vehicle.”

Breaking Boundaries StoreDot I-BEAM XFC Concept Charges EVs in Under 10 Minutes 1 - 100in5 technology

StoreDot’s ‘100inX’ product roadmap charts an ambitious course toward “Range on Demand”. By 2028, StoreDot plans to charge 100 miles in just 3 minutes, setting a new standard for EV charging efficiency. Myersdorf elaborates on this vision, stating, “With I-BEAM XFC, we have reimagined the architecture of the battery pack to truly unlock the potential of XFC in real-world vehicles.”

The strategic alliances forged by StoreDot marks the industry’s recognition of its transformative potential. Partnerships with industry giants like BP, Daimler, Volvo Cars, and Samsung attest to the confidence placed in StoreDot’s innovative solutions.


But what sets the I-BEAM XFC concept apart is its holistic approach. Unlike traditional cooling systems, StoreDot’s patented Structural Cooling concept is embedded into each cell, ensuring uniform temperatures across the battery pack. This not only improves thermal management but also facilitates ultra-fast charging with minimal system overhead.

“While still a concept, StoreDot has already secured several patents around I-BEAM XFC’s unique architecture,” Myersdorf reveals. “We continue to drive innovations that will accelerate the EV revolution.”

The implications of this breakthrough extend far beyond theoretical realms. StoreDot is confident for mass production readiness of its 100in5 technology by 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the EV industry’s evolution. With intentions to showcase the world’s first EV equipped with XFC technology and to broaden operations in the US, StoreDot is optimistic for a significant year ahead.



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