StoreDot To Make Its XFC batteries on Three Continents

StoreDot To Make Its XFC batteries on Three Continents

Dr Myersdorf holds XFC batteries
  • StoreDot is looking to manufacture its XFC batteries in North America, Asia, and Europe to help localize its supply chain.
  • The company will produce its groundbreaking batteries in local gigafactories instead of building its own facilities.
  • The brand will also continue lab work to create its “100in5” cells by 2024, to deliver 100 miles of range for each five minutes of charging.

StoreDot, the Israeli pioneer of extreme fast charging – also known as XFC batteries – announced its global manufacturing strategy earlier this year. This strategy is set to be implemented across three continents to strengthen StoreDot’s positioning and to better serve its global automotive customers.

Localizing the Supply Chain

StoreDot’s manufacturing strategy focuses on localizing its supply chain in North America, Asia, and Europe. By collaborating with existing and future local gigafactories instead of building its own facilities, the company aims to serve its original equipment manufacturer customers more efficiently and sustainably with its XFC batteries. 

This approach not only ensures just-in-time production efficiency but also reflects StoreDot’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of battery supply chains.

Growing Partnerships and Investments

StoreDot’s journey towards a greener future has garnered widespread support, with over 15 global automotive brands currently testing the groundbreaking XFC batteries and systems. 

In addition, the company has secured strategic partnerships and investments from major players in the automotive industry, including Daimler, VinFast, Volvo Cars, Polestar, and Ola Electric. These collaborations indicate a growing interest in StoreDot’s innovative battery technology and its potential to transform the EV landscape.

A Futuristic Roadmap

Last year, StoreDot unveiled its ambitious “100inX” strategic technology roadmap. This roadmap outlines three generations of StoreDot technologies, each aimed at delivering faster and more efficient charging experiences. 

The goal is to achieve 100 miles of range in 5 minutes by 2024 (100in5), followed by 100 miles in 3 minutes by 2028 (100in3), and a remarkable 100 miles in just 2 minutes by 2032 (100in2). Such rapid charging capabilities would eliminate charging anxiety and pave the way for the widespread adoption of EVs.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot’s CEO, shared his excitement for the company’s global growth. “[This] is an important milestone for StoreDot as we build our global supply chain and manufacturing footprint. We look forward to working with our OEM partners in the US, Europe, and Asia to supply them with our world class extreme fast charging batteries. It’s important that leading battery developers like StoreDot can deliver batteries consistently, efficiently, conveniently, and sustainably, as we care greatly about the environmental impact of battery supply chains. By serving our OEM customers from their own locations we can do this more effectively while demonstrating our commitment to net zero.”


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