Tesla Nabs the Top 3 US Sales Spots — by a LOT!!
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Tesla Nabs Top US Sales Spots

The year’s not even half over, but it’s pretty easy to pick a winner in 2022’s EV sales race. Tesla is holding on to the top 3 sales spots, and it’s not even close.

Credit reporting agency Experian recently released numbers on its new, electric car registrations for 2022, and their data shows Tesla leading the charge (sorry) when it comes to EV sales. The brand’s mainstream Model 3 and Y are by far the best-selling electric cars in the US so far.


Experian | Electric Car Registrations Q1 2022

Tesla Model Y52,051
Tesla Model 347,682
Tesla Model S9,250
Ford Mustang Mach-E6,957
Hyundai Ioniq 56,265
Kia EV64,901
Tesla Model X4,899
Nissan LEAF4,401
Kia Niro Electric3,549
Volkswagen ID.42,926

The list gives a great snapshot into what’s happening in the EV space, but it’s not necessarily a good indicator of demand. The sold-out Ford F-150 Lightning pickup wasn’t in production while these numbers were being compiled, and both the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Electrify News-favorite Kia EV6 didn’t start to reach US customers until later in the quarter.

Finally, the list shows registrations, not total sales. That might make this list a better tool to see who is navigating global supply chain issues better than others— and that, too, seems to be Tesla, who manufactures most of its North American vehicles in Texas and California, as opposed to Korea or Germany.

That’s our take, anyway— what do you see in this list? Take a look at it again, then let us know what you think of the current state of the EV market (and Tesla’s projected $4 trillion market cap) in the comments section at the bottom of the page.







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