Porsche Turbocharger Set to Take on Tesla Supercharger Network
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Porsche Turbocharger Takes on Tesla

Porsche's Turbo Charger Will Change The Way We View EV Charging

If you thought Tesla was nuts to call its high-speed EV chargers “superchargers,” you’re going to hate the latest Porsche Turbocharger!

Porsche has been meeting the growing popularity of electric vehicles with various offerings, including the Taycan and the upcoming Macan EV. But the larger expansion will be the brand’s development of a broad charging ecosystem.

First, there’s the plan for what Porsche calls Destination Charging. These would be charging stations located at points of interest like airports, hotels, and museums that would allow Porsche EV drivers to top up their batteries for free. Already, Porsche has 2,700 such locations across Europe.

Next up, Porsche says it has plans to develop a more bespoke charging system that will target their more upper-class customers. These “premium stations” will provide amenities like working environments and refreshments, bringing an air of refinement to the otherwise simple process of charging up your car.

Beyond that, Porsche dealers in Romania have started to install new “Turbocharger” DC fast chargers. These would allow customers to recharge their vehicles much more quickly, using 800-volt charging capabilities. There are also solar panels that double as shelter for parked EVs. So far there are just six, but more should be coming throughout the year.

Adrian Pascu, managing director at Importator Porsche, said “We [the dealers] expect 50% of cars delivered worldwide by 2025 to be partially or completely electric — more than 80% by the end of the decade. Having an adequate loading infrastructure is an essential component of our strategy.”


Porsche Destination Charging for EVs




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